How does one find the frequencies that an iTrip transmits on?

The manual has been lost, the website is less than helpful unless you're willing to give them a credit card number, and sitting in the care flipping through radio stations doesn't seem to work out. Can anyone help?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    My itrip has been broken for some time, and i had it for my mini so things have probobaly changed since. My itrip had a cd it came with and it had a list of 87 - 108 i could pick any of those frequencys or half, such as, 94.5

    I never thought the itrip was strong enough, but now i have a connector going form my head unit to my ipod. works great.

    incase your signal is weak there are websites that you can look on that will tell you how to magnifiy you signal.

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