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Shouldn't it be spelled "b-a-l-o-n-e-y"?

What genious decided on balogna?

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    well yeah of course, but then the oscar meyer song wouldn't rhyme anymore.

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    Originally, it was named after a town in Italy, I believe. (An attempt to make it sound far more enticing than "cheap, spiceless sausage substitute", I would imagine.) Properly, the name is bologna. There are a number of meats and cheeses that are named after provinces, either to simply differentiate themselves, or to designate where they were actually first made on a regular basis. And, if you'll follow the link below, it has other connotations.

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    The reason it is spelled "bologna" is because American bologna was developed from the Italian sausage named after the city of Bologna.

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    True....some words in the English language should have been re-thought before a final decision was made. lol

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  • Mitch
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    Dude, it's the same thing with catsup/ketchup. It's just the Man's way of keeping us down.

  • Tones
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    1 decade ago

    While you're asking questions about spellings, why is there an "L" in should?

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    The same guy who did knee and know and psychology...

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