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What are some good old or new LOVE songs??

I am trying to make a CD with alot of love songs on it and I cant think of any? Any genre is fine. Thanks :)

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    depennds on what kind of music u like. If you like R&B, then some good songs would be :

    Boyz II Men- I'll make love to you

    - Down on bended knee

    Jagged Edge- Promise

    - Walked out of heaven

    - Good luck charm

    - Let's get married

    Avant- Wanna be close

    - Read your mind

    - Don't take your love away

    - My first love.

    Ginuwine- So Anxious

    - Diffrences

    - In those Jeans

    Keith Sweat - Nobody

    Omarion- Ice Box

    - O

    - Touch

    Chris Brown - YO

    - Say goodbye

    - Poppin'

    - Shortie like mine

    Lloyd- you

    - Southside

    Blackstreet - Before I let you go

    Usher- Lovers and Friends

    - Nice and Slow

    - Can you handle it

    - Burn

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    Here are two really good ones from different genres...

    "Something" by The Beatles

    "Crush" by the Dave Matthews Band

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    You can't think of ANY love song in ANY genre?


    Google "love songs" and you'll get so many that I couldn't fit them all on my 80Gig ipod!!

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    Toni Braxton-You're making me high

    Righteous Brothers-Unchained Melody

    Aldo Nova-Can't stop loving you

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    "Hope You Don't Mind" by Elton John

    "Silly Love Songs" by Paul McCartney

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    A lot of Brian McKnight songs are good...anytime for instance...Breath by faith hill is another good one. There's one by genuine, not sure of the name but it goes...oh my life has changed..since you came in...

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    How about Open Arms by Journey ... a lot of people in my generation got ... oh never mind.

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    shortie like mine - chris brown ft bow wow

    stickwitu - pussycat dolls

    thatz all i could think of hope this helped!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    unbreak my heart

    Tell me how to live without you.

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