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How can I recite an English poem effectively?

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    R u not of an English speaking country? And what do you mean by effectively? Usually when I recite poetry I read it enough to understand the poem then relate it to me and emphasize the words & phrases that are the most powerful to the message I'm trying to get across. Very vague question.

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    To recite an english poem effectively. you go through the poem a first time and get the feel, I mean what it is talking about. You will see that you should have understood at least the dorminant subject matter. In reciting the poem now effectively you will have to imagine that you are living the situation of the main character, you kind of sing it, you try to dramatise it and to the extent that you ,in your mind,s eye find yourself in the environment of the action in the poem. Observing all of these you will find yourself reciting the poem effectively.

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    If you are teaching, then go through it slowly sentence by sentence, emphasizing each part as you think it should go. A good poet writes his poem so that you can understand how it is supposed to be read as you go. For example in Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" (also known as "Nevermore") each time the Raven says nevermore, the character in the story becomes more and more nervous, which is shown through his heightened responses to the raven who only says one word throughout the poem. Each time, he asks it questions that could only make him madder, since he knows the response that he will receive, but he asks anyway, either seeking a different answer from the Raven, or simply pursuing a path of self-destruction like all men in this world. lol, wow, for a 13 year-old, that sounds pretty good.. anyway, you should simply let it flow slowly, but slowly become louder or softer as it sounds the author wants it to be. I hope this helped!

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    by reciting it in front of taco bell workers! they are good at pointing errors out.

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