I'm having problems finding God....?

I'm 15.

I guess I haven't ever really believed in God. Accept when I was small.

I realised I could be killed any second, about a month ago. Where was I going to go. I always though if any of the religions are true, it's the Christian religion. So I tried. Then I was feeling I was finding someone. I believed in God. I hadn't accepted jesus christ yet, so this was the next step, that's what I was concentrating on. I prayed, read bible etc. I felt at alot of times jesus was growing in me. Then this all fades away....I was talkign to a muslim friend, he was telling me about the religion. It sound an awful lot like that of the christian religion. It seemed likea beliable relgion, so then I thought, why should christianity be true, when christians say muslim isn't true and christians say that of muslim. I was also talking to a girl today, she made me doubt even more, telling me about pagan origons, more gospels, things the church hides from you.....


my faith wasn't strong enough o defeat this. That's not all, I don't know if it's all ture...very confused

Update 2:

I do go to church. these doubts have only come very recently.

Update 3:

I dont't want negative comments.

Update 4:

I never said I was saved....I said I started to believe in God, and I felt I was getting further...

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    Laura, the reason you are having these issues is because of what you said in your question. You haven't made Jesus as Lord of your life.

    You yourself mentioned how real He was becoming in you as you read the Bible and prayed. But you didn't act on that. This is why you haven't had the victory.

    You friend who tells you about Islam is a tool the enemy uses to get you to avoid the Truth. Why do you think there are so many religions? They are counterfeits designed to keep people from the Truth. You felt the Truth growing in you. You know this. But you have rejected it.

    Until you bow the knee to Christ, confessing your sin, and receiving the gift of life that Jesus alone gives for free, you will be in bondage to confusion and sin. Jesus came to set us free from sin, and "religion." But it requires you to have faith in Him alone. If you trust in what you can do, you will fail. But you must step out in faith. All this means is to believe that He is who He says He is, and did what He said He did.

    As long as you keep Jesus at arms length, and don't allow Him to work in you, you will remain confused and lost.

    All other religions and cults make you do something to earn favor with a god or goddess. They will make you feel good about yourself. This is the main difference between Christianity and others. Christians know that without Christ, we are hopelessly lost, and doomed to an eternity of punishment for how we have offended a holy God. But that same holy God has provided the way out. Just receive Him.

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    Please read carefully.

    First, its good to ask, its really good.

    But, its not always good to beleive the answer. Most of the time its bad.

    Why? because the answerer is not you, he has not lived like you and he can never imagine what you are exactly feeling. So dont trust the answers, not even mine. Just read and keep in mind.

    Now, I would not suggest any GOD or Something to follow, I would not suggest any book to read. What I can do and will do is just a little help. Its just a list of hints for you to select your own path yourself.

    1. Trust yourself, be confident. Dont trust anyone else. Not this much soon. You should be grown up to trust.

    2. Read, read, and read,........ its WRONG, worth nothing. Reading without a guideline is poison. Remmeber, I am not telling you not to read, but I am telling you that reading an intellectual text can make you get confused, just try to look for some guidence about everything you read. It may not be available right then but just keep looking. And get a guidence on one point by 100 different people, not 1, or 2 or 10.

    3. After initial search. Brainstorm yourself on each and every beleif you have got an understanding of. Try to link these beleifs with logic. Built and infrastructure of the beleifs you suppose to be true.

    4. Match the infrastructure with the religions. Select some of the best matches (2 or 3) and keep searching on these from then on.

    5. When you have enough knowledge, ask questions from each religions about the points that confuse you. Get answers from many sources, compile them and select a religion of them that gives you the most appropraite answer.

    6. Remmeber, you (oneself, one's own decision) are always right! Why? beacsue that may take you to understanding that what you have just commited was a mistake. But that doesnt mean that you always take a path to a mistake that you see clearly as a mistake already.

    If you feel, you need any sort of help, dont hesitate to ask. I would be glad to help. Best of Luck

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    You could read the Holy Quran if you're still interested. The only hard thing about that is that a lot of it needs to be read in accordance with the historical context in which it was revealed. Nonetheless it is an outstanding book; the true word of God if you ask me. I feel that my connection to God is more private in Islam; I don't have to confess or anything and people don't really know if I'm a sinner or a saint lol. To be a Muslim you have to meet three requirements 1. belief in one God (Jesus is not divine/son of God but rather he is a prophet) 2. belief in an afterlife 3. work to do good deeds (which include charity, prayers, pilgrimage, and other basic stuff). If you were considering Islam my biggest advice to you is to always check the source before believving something and remember that the Quran reigns supreme over all other books. (SUrprigingly, almost all this controversy in Islam is related to hadiths, which have no divine importance but instead are written accounts of the prophet by his companions). Islam can be really easy or really hard; it depends on how you follow it. Anyway, only God can convert someone in the end. I urge you to continue your search for truth. It is amazing that teenagers really do yearn for spiritual enlightenment. I hope for the best for you. Good luck and God bless (even if you aren't Muslim).

    Source(s): Shall I seek other than GOD as a source of law, when He has revealed to you this book fully detailed? Those who received the scripture recognize that it has been revealed from your Lord, truthfully. You shall not harbor.any doubt. The word of your Lord is complete, in truth and justice. Nothing shall abrogate His words. He is the Hearer, the Omniscient. [6:114-115] Quran (Islamic Holy Book)
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    First, good for you being 15 and so spiritually minded!!

    Second, don't fear for the Lord is with you. The doubts and "ironic" talks about other religions just at this pivotal time you are deciding to accept Jesus is no coincidence!! This is to confuse you.

    Third, Christians say a lot of things they shouldn't so saying the Muslim faith isn't true should of been . . . Jesus it the way . Christianity doesn't preach hate, or at least it shouldn't.

    Fourth, I agree with the first person who commented. READ YOUR BIBLE!!

    Accept Jesus Christ as your savior, repent for your sins, read, read and keep reading.

    Ask that Gods will be done in your life and that he protect you from confusion and show you the truth.

    He will and I will pray for you

    God bless!!

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    When i was 15 i left the catholic church, which then led me to different denominations, and religions(including wicca). You know where I am at now? Catholic church. Honey, you're at the age where anything goes and is possible, and having raging hormones that leads you to mood swings doesn't help either. If you feel God and know He is real, then keep this concept. Read the bible, and pray. This world is not for christians, you really will never find the right religion because once you think you have, someone will come along to change that. I'm sorry for ever doubting Jesus, now I know better. Of course, even though I left Him for awhile-He never left me. I will pray for you. you may go to my profile and email me if you want. God bless you!

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    Have you looked behind the couch? ;D

    Seriously though, if you knew 100% that God existed, then it wouldn't require faith would it? You know that you breathe air because you have indisputable evidence to prove it. You don't need to take it on faith that you breathe air because you know it to be true.

    Today's church is a business, a money-making membership drive which I refuse to buy into. I know that there is a God and I'm pretty sure that if Jesus came back today, he would tear the temple curtain in two just as he did in ancient times. Following your heart and doing your best to do God's will is the important thing. You can get hung up on contradicting writings and Bible/Koran/Torah/Whatever translations all you want, but if you think that doing so will enrich the lives around you and show love to your fellow man as Jesus did, then you're mistaken.

    Whatever path you deem yours to walk, good luck to you.

    And please, don't buy into the "Christian persecution" crap that may be thrown your way as a result of your current vulnerability. The President of the U.S. is a Christian, almost all of the people he wants in power are Christian and the U.S. is nearly 50% Christian or similar denominations. If you think that the religious majority is being persecuted, just try being a Muslim in America for a week. Then you'll experience some real persecution.

  • God is not some one you find outside of yourself, but some one you are a part of, and within you. There is only One Supreme Being, and he is greater than all our religious beliefs. No religion, sect, or system can own God. He was around long before there was any religion. The search for God is a life long journey, and there are many paths to find him. If all you want is a religion you can feel comfy-cozy in, well, there are plenty of those around.

    If you are looking for God, you can be sure he is also looking for you. Prayer is talking to God, meditation is listening to him.

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    you receives a large number of human beings providing you with their scope on what they believe in, attempting to make you've self belief it too at the same time as rather all you may do is, if you're that in touch, learn all sorts of religion, atheism, paganism, christianity, and so on. and choose what you opt for. you may discover you do not completely more beneficial healthy into any faith and opt to be faith free and that is fantastic too. do merely not enable each person 'tell' you who to believe or stick with because it truly is as a lot as you!

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    The Bible says that once you are saved, you are never the same again; you are a new creature (2 Cor. 5:17). If you have gone back to your old ways, then most probably you were never saved. If, however, you were saved, then God won't let you stay in rebellion for long. He will deal with you in whatever way is necessary to bring you back into fellowship with Him.

    Did you become a Christian by going to church or by asking Jesus to forgive you of your sins? The latter makes you a Christian, the former doesn't.

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    Christ is REAL.

    Muslism pray to a Muhamad who christians kno is not God.

    Matthew 11:6-Jesus said "I am the way the truth and the life; no man comes to the father but by me.

    The father is the on that will decide if you get into heaven; and He only lets you in if you believe in Christ as you Lord and Saviour.

    And continue in faith,prayer and patience. God wont answer prayer on your time but, when He's ready.So you have to continue in faith and prayer until you get your answer from God.

    James 1:3-Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.

    If your trying to do what you know is just,right, and good by God; it will require that you be patient. Evil is easy, thus it's faster to do and get done. And people arnt patient today and thus evil seems to prevail for the moment.

    Keep faith in Christ,engage in prayer day after day, and talk and pray with other men and women of God if neccasary.

    If you need to talk, you can e-mail me at reeseEagle@gmail.com.

    God Bless!!!

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