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How can I tell my ex in law that i don't want to hang out with them without hurting their feeling?

My ex cheat on me so i throw a way all his belonging kick him out of the house. But the worst part is that i still hangs out with his parent because i have two kids with asshole they love their grankids. So... i don't know what to do its been 2 1/2 year i still piss off. oh he reasonly move back home so now i see him which is bad because when he their i try not to see him or i leave. I really want to move on. so how can i tell his parent that i don't want to hang out with them anymore without hurting their feeling?

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    You can't. The grandparents deserve to see the grandkids. The easist thing to do is probably to just say that you don't feel comfortable going up there to see them, but they are more than welcome to come to your house to visit.

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    unless the grandparents are bad people, don't shut them out of your life. the kids need them. if you are still angry 2 years later, that means your life is stuck & you can't move forward. get some counseling to deal with the anger. he hurt you first but you hurt yourself every day that you stay mad. anger is a feeling that touches every part of your life. it affects how you parent, what you think about yourself, and how you treat other people. choose to heal. if it's too painful to see your ex, drop the kids off at grandma's house & then pick them up later. or ask the grandparents over for dinner once a week & they can see the kids then.

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    Just tell them that you still feel the pain of what happened, even though you thought it would have diminished some by now. Tell them that you would never stop them from seeing the kids, but that you don't feel comfortable with the relationship you have with them, because they are your in-laws and hanging out with them is preventing you from moving on. All you can be is straight forward about it. The likelyhood is that it will hurt their feelings but try to make them understand that this isn't somthing personal against them, just something emotional that you have to deal with.

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    If I am understanding your post you have kids?? It is kind of hard to break off a relationship with the kids and grandkids without them resenting you for it later. I know this from experience because my mom did this to me and my granny when I was 11. Funny thing since I have been 18 years old I got back in contact with my granny and we are closer than my mom and me. So you don't have to be part of their life but in my opinion you shouldn't keep your children from the n laws even if they are ex - if they are related.

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    Just tell them it's to hard on you to see him around, but that they can still see the children whenever they want. I hope this is how you feel. It would be very hard on your children and the Grandparents for you to keep them from each other!

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    You just tell them that since you and your husband have split and will not be reconciling, you are not comfortable being around his family as you are moving on and starting a new life withou him. They may not like it, but it's your decision to make, not theirs. Good luck. Stay strong.

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    you can't...or tell them u feel uncomfortable with him around so you rather keep your disatnce. But you can't keep their granchildren away, why do you have to stay with the kids anyways maybe their tired of you too. Get over him cheating, it only makes you weak and hold on to the past.

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    What u can say is that u need to move and hang out with u is hold my feels toward him . try and see what happens

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    You shouldn't! It is not the grandparents fault and they have every right to see the children. Just because you haven't gotten past it, you don't need to punish everyone else. Grow up.

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