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Are there any chiropracters out there??? Or is anyone familiar with chiropractic care?

I've had back problems ever since I fell down a flight a stairs & bruised my tailbone 12 years ago. I've gone to a chiro before off & on again as my back would hurt & it'd get better for awhile. My insurance changed & I had to find another chiro doc. He took x-rays & told me the only way to fix my back was to come in for 16 weeks/4 times a week in order to change the curves in my spine. He said that after my insurance was all used up, he'd only charge me my copay for my visits. After all was added up, my portion would be close to $1000. They even sent in the girl that handles the insurance to ask me if I wanted to pay it up front. He said he would just adjust me til I felt better, but didn't recommend that course of treatment. Needless to say, I didn't get adjusted & my back still feels like it's out of place. I'm 34 but feel 94. Is this guy full of it & just wants money? Or is he being honest on how long it takes to my bodies physiology to change?

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    Hi there, I am currently studying to be a chiropractor, so hopefully I can help you with your question. I apologize in advance for this long answer!

    Since the brain controls EVERY function of our bodies (breathing, heart rate, immune system, muscle function, etc) by sending messages down the spinal cord, it is vital to our health that the spinal column has the proper curves. A straight neck or reversed curve in the neck puts a ton of stress on the spinal cord and brain stem as well.

    I used to work in a chiropractic office that used a technique to correct spinal curves (as opposed to simply adjusting people until they are out of pain, as a lot of chiropractic offices do today), and saw how it helped many people when other chiropractors could not. We were having patients come in 3 times a week for 10 weeks for the initial round of care, which was usually enough to place most people on maintanence care. So the 4 times a week for 16 weeks seems a little long to me, but not entirely unreasonable.

    If you are concerned, think about these things: Does every patient go through this same care plan, or is it geared toward your specific x-rays? Because if your spine is severely out of shape, then it WILL take a long time to correct (think about it like dental braces, you can't drastically yet safely move bone in just a few weeks). Is your chiropractor willing to show you before and after x-rays from real patients in his office? Nothing speaks louder than seeing a pre- and post- xray and actually seeing what can be accomplished in that office. Also, if this office is dedicated to correcting spinal posture, then your care should probably involve some type of traction in addition to adjustments. You might see some funny looking chairs in the office or ropes and things (I know it sounds scary, but they're for tractioning/creating resistance to your current posture. And they're painless.) Does this doctor understand the importance of a healthy spine? Does he/she offer a patient education course on chiropractic, and does the doctor adjust children? These are all good things to look for.

    Now, as a future chiropractor, the thing that truely frustrates me to no end is the number of crooked chiropractors out there. Chiropractic care and proper spinal curves are SO IMPORTANT to health, and every DC who scams a patient or just got into the profession for money is giving the profession a bad name (I see it all the time on Y Answers). So in my opinion, your chiropractor seems honest - correcting spinal posture takes TIME (again, like dental braces).

    But you have to use your instincts. I'd suggest asking the doctor if he/she has any patient testimonials. Don't be afraid to voice your concerns to the doctor; it is your right as a patient to ask all the questions you need to make you feel comfortable. You could also try asking family and friends about this doctor.

    Ultimately, you said it yourself. You are 34 and feel 94, and no one should have to live this way. This is YOUR health, your life, your work, your time with your family. How much is it worth to you? I haven't seen your xrays, but if they are bad then you should seek chiro care. And also, don't be freaked out about the thought of paying up front. Consistency is the best way to improve your health. Chiropractors take money up front to make sure that YOU are dedicated to your health and care. Showing up once or twice a week when your care plan is 4 times a week is detrimental to your recovery. Again, like those braces, if you wear them for a few days, take them off, put them on, etc, it will take LONGER for the correction to take place. Too many patients don't follow with the plan and then say "Chiropractic didn't help me. They're all quacks." So by collecting up front, the office knows that you are willing to work with them (nothing speaks louder than the almighty dollar, right?).

    As I said earlier, not all chiropractors are honest, but many of them are. Use your judgement. Ask questions. If you're not comfortable with this doctor, try another. But realize that adjusting until you are out of pain is not going to correct those spinal curves. No matter what you decide to do, I sincerely hope that things work out for you. God bless.

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    You're looking for an answer from someone familiar with chiropractic care. Well, I suppose that since I have a chiro appt tomorrow morning, and have had such appointments for a couple of years now, I'm probably qualified to answer you question.

    It is possible that this is how long it will take. But if the financial cost is beyond your means, find a chiropractic college and go to the student clinic there. Because it's a student clinic, the fees will be adjustable. You'll be seen and treated by senior students, under the supervision of an experience chiropractor.

    Chiropractic can work and work very well. A good chiro will also tell you if this is a problem that needs medical (MD) attention.

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    the answer is both, chiropractic care could help your problem, but it also sounds like this gut is trying to take you for whatever he can. A good chiropractor will give you some treatment and also tell you how you can help aleviate pain yourself at home with different excercises and things such as. I would say a few adjustments from thedoc would help, but he should be ingfomrming you on thi9ngs to do to help correct the problem yourself. hope this helps!

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