Gay Marriage?

If churches are not supporting gay marriage because it is against the bible, I think that someone should start a ploy to kick out all of the women in the church that have their ears pierced? (or other parts). The bible clearly says, do not pierce or cut the flesh, and that no sin is greater than another. So, gay marriage and gay relationships are no better or worse than a woman wearing her finest pearls on Sunday? Anyone else agree????


BTW, I am a hetro married gal, with 4 kids!!!

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    To be honest.... I don't understand people who follow the bible word by word. Seriously..... people that follow the bible seem very crazy and makes us non-bible readers more sane and smarter.

    I know killings wrong. I don't need the bible to tell me that.

    I know lying as in "Thou shall not lie" is wrong too and I didn't learn that from the bible.... I learned it from my parents :-)

    Watching "SAVED" with Mandy Moore in it pretty much shows how crazy Christians tend to get and makes the sane go "uh, whats wrong with you?!?!"

    The only thing the bible has taught me is it makes some people crazy.

    As for marriage.... we marry for LOVE not gender :-)

    I totally support gay marriage and am very happy to live in Canada where its allowed.

  • The bible says lots of things that are not active in the churches today. The interpretation of the good book is where the guilt resides.I believe that the problem is that every Sunday we heard into the church to have someone Else to tell us what is right and wrong. we need to look for ourselves ,don't pattern your life off someone telling you what the good book says. Take the time to read IT and KNOW what it says...sounds to me like you have spent some time reading...I have close family members that are in relationships that are biblical I think that's wrong...I cant really say because I love them with all my heart and refuse to judge them because society says we should I will let God Deal with that...I love my family and stand by them totally...right or wrong.....the bible also says not to judge another ....

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    I totally agree.

    Unlike ALOT of christians, I have READ the bible from cover to cover several times and the New Testament by itself a few more times. This book is full of wisdom and life lessons that I use everyday. BUT it does not rule me. I am not a christian. I am agnostic bordering on atheism. This does not mean I can not draw from the book to become a better person.

    It is sad when I see so many mindless sheep following the leaders that are only in it for the power and control. They give up their very lives for something that can not be proven. Have faith....

    .... well I have faith that I can make good decisions concerning my life without feeling guilty *smiles*

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    agree 100% with you and thank you for your support in out efforts to fight for all the right anyone else has in this nation!!!

    Believe it or not I was raised in a Southern Baptist Church from the time I was two days old, we went to church three times a week and they still were not able to convince me that the church as a whole is nothing other than a room full of hipocrites that misinterpret a BOOK written by a few men.

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    I am VERY pro-gay marriage. I totally agree with you. I think that we live in a twisted society, when a murder/rapist can marry a woman in prison yet a loving couple of the same sex can't enjoy having a committed relationship that is recognized by the church and government.

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    Well you see that is mostly what you will find in America's Church's. A real hypocritical "hide behind the church doors" approach. I used to go to church, have been to many Church's in my life and for the most part they are all the same. Its a real social gathering where you have to dress and look a certain way to fit in. For the most part you better wear your pearls and gold to show you have more. Its really hypocritical, and the whole going to church event isn't really about religion when you look at it. I believe in God, but I don't believe in going to church.

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    Marriage is arranged BY THE GOVERNMENT, not the churches! All of the benefits, the registration, etc., is with the government, not the churches. The churches are just the ones complaining. Its the government we need to change, not the churches. The churches are meaningless in this marriage debate, ignore them, they are just side noise. Our "rights" are being ignored on the government side, and that's where we need to concentrate our efforts.

    BTW, good argument!

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    I've never read the Bible although I am a Christian but I wouldn't care what it said anyway because man wrote it. I think everyone should have the right to get married. Heck, my daughter has a belly button piercing but when she gets older I'm looking forward to her wedding day no matter who she marries

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    Funny, isn't it, the absolute hysteria that this subject generates. Especially since Christ said, "This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” You will notice that there are no qualifiers there - eg., you will love one another unless one of you is gay, or a different religion, etc., etc.

    And before anyone gets started on the sanctity of 'traditional' marriage, please remember that about 50% of these traditional marriages end in divorce in North America these days, and the numbers are still rising.

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    I agree because it's all in how you read it. Look and see how many of the ten commandments require the penalty of death for breaking them. I'd be a dead Doug many times over. Lately, religion only seems useful when it is to someone's advantage politically.

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