Someone please tell me how twins run in blood lines?????

Is it from your fathers side or mothers side?? Does it come from the sperm or the egg?? HELP!!

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    Don't answer things if you can't answer it correctly. Twins come from teh mother's side because usually the woman ggets her ovulation cycle and everything like that from their mother. that's why doctor's ask when the mother got herr period to estimate when the young girl will most likely get it.

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    There is no set answer. Everyone has an opinion. I have 14 year old fraternal boy/girl twins. I did research when I was prgnant withthem and found out that identical twins are just a fluke because the egg just spontaniously splits but fraternal run in familes ( on the mother's side) because she must produce 2 eggs in one cycle to conceive 2.

    Did you also know that fraternal twins are RARELY conceived at the exact same time. Usually the mother ovualtes again within 24 hours. Sperm can live inside the mom for up to 5 days.

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    Fraternal twins come from the mother's side, because you have to ovulate two eggs. People say they "skip" a generation, but that's actually only true for your husband's side of the family. If his mother had fraternal twins, for example, any female children you have might inherit that possibility and any male children might pass the trait along to their daughters.

    Fertility drugs and in vitro increase your chance of fraternal twins. Subsequent pregnancies have a higher chance of being twins. Lastly, older women also have a higher frequency of ovulating two eggs.

    Identical twins are a fluke where the fertilized eggs separates in two (or more!) They are absolutely not hereditary or influenced by fertility drugs.

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    If they are identical they just happen randomly and no blood lines. Fraternal they say they run in families and skip one generation. So if your husband or you are a twin then your kids have a better chance of having a set.

    But those are always just guestimates. The woman has to drop two eggs for fraternal.

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    mother's side. The egg. Good luck!!!

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