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who to start?

i can start 2 rb. who should i start, shaun alexander, rudi johnson, ladell betts

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    Johnson and Betts...for 1. Alexander still hasn't fully recovered from his foot...not only from his numbers but just watch him play. He can't accelerate through the hole or cut up field yet/anymore. Whether he's in pain or just trying to not re-injure himself, he wont be 100% until next year or unless the Hawks see the playoffs (which I doubt) he'll step it up. For 2. If LT was on the Seahawks and Alexander were on the Chargers, I'd even be second guessing to start LT. The Chargers D is just as talented (and ruthless) as the Bears or Ravens, allowing 20+ points 5 times and allowing 30 pts or more only twice.

    Not to mention Rudi is playing the Broncos, which are good, but not that good, that wont be able to stop Cinci's huge offense (think Cowboys/Saints game)

    And do I really have to tell you to start Betts against the Rams?

    I have Alexander too and trust me I'm having just a hard of time sitting him as you, but wait till week 17 to start Alexander when he plays Tampa.

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    I would go with Betts as number 1. He has rushed for over 100 yards in each of the last two weeks. The other one is tough. Alexander and Johnson both play against tough defenses. Alexander against San Diego and Johnson against Denver. Ultimately, I think that Alexander will get more yards and TDs, because his O-line is healthier than that of the Bengals, so I would go with him and Betts.

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    Rudi Johnson is going against a weak run defense.

    Ladell Betts is going to run all over the StL defense

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    Shaun and Rudy would be a great 1-2 punch.

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    johnson and betts. alexander hasnt shown what he did last year. the bengals are hurting and will go back to the run more after their disappointing show at indy. betts is the man since portis is out.

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    Johnsen and Betts. Alexander does not impress me this year.

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    shaun and rudi no doubt because both of their teams aren't offically in the playoffs and they have to play harder

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