How do I take parental rights away from person $17,500 due in child support in NC?

My childs father disapeared when she was 6monts old for 3years. came in & out of her life for 3yrs now it has been 5yrs since he has seen her and is 17,000 behind in childsupport. She has a new brother and she wants to all have the same last name I dont care about child support because he wont pay it anyway I just want my little girl to be happy and safe as long as he is on her birth certificate he can just take her and run i dont think he will but you never know he called the day before thanksgiving and wanted to talk to her I didnt let him because it would have upset her I dont have the money for a lawyer and need to talke care of this situation now I live in Chowan co. and he is in cabarrus co. I dont get to go to the childsupport hearings because it is 5 hrs. away I am pleading for help with this problem and i know many people are struggling with the childsupport payments I get about 500.00 a year maby that is with actively talking with shildsupport please hep me

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    the question is do you want child support or not?

    secondly he will always be her father and he is entitled to see her under certain circumstances. in the state of NC my home state too the court has mediation services that are free because the program saves the court money. both parents have to go and air out their differences and try to come to an agreement on custody issues. whatever you agree to will be filed with the court and it is legal and binding unless you go back through the process.

    your child will be better off to have a relationship with the father if there is anyway to do that....if not go through social services in your county and they can get your child support for you for free too

    in this state they have a low tolerance for dead beat dads and if he doesn't pay his child support they will take his license among other things........hope this helps

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    there are ways to change a name without his permission. I'm not sure about N C but in Ga. you go to the probate judge and fill out a form for name change, file the report with the probate and run a leagel ad in the newspaper. Forget that guy. My opionion is when a man can just walk away from his child for no other reason then he wants his freedom he's not much of a man and the less you all see him the better. Stop haveing babies. and consult with the welfare dept. this all over your head and you need people educated in this feild of dealing with a deadbeat. Good Luck I truly hope you get the help your looking for.

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    There is no relationship between parental rights and child support.

    If there were, there would be masses of men terminating their rights to get out of paying.

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