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who do u think is hot Angelina Jolie or Janifer Aniston?

i love anglina becouse she think about people and she stoll brad pitt from janifer

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    jennifer has more class, more grace, and more natural beauty. angelina is hotter. but i think natural beauty is what makes jennifer aniston the better of the two

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    Jennifer...because she's not trying to prove anything to anyone.. She's simply beautiful.

    Jolie has daddy issues and that's could cause trouble for her and Brad in the long run. Plus if you're being charitable for the sakeof others, must you broadcast it to the world everytime. Looks like she's an attention seeker (not a good kind either). Plus, she's really just baby shopping when she goes to these 3rd world countries. "Let me give you millions of dollars for your prettiest baby! but don't tell Madonna, she's such a copy cat."

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    Well of course you do. Jennifer has a better body unlike mangelina who has braod shoulders and narrow hips. They both look like men. Maniston and mangelina. Brad is awful. Maniston seems down to earth but i dont know. Mangelina brags about sex and trys way too hard to be different. Its as if she has something to prove. Why doesnt mangelina adopt fair skinned babies?

    Source(s): Charity should be hidden not broadcasted.
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    Angelina, Brad Pitt is with her , Because She's hot

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    Angelina most definitely, Jennifer looks too much like a man. Case in point, she was voted as GQ 's man of the year.

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    Angelina. Jenniffer aniston is a plain jane and high maintenance at that!

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    Jolie is way more prettier, but I don't support married men leaving their wives... brad is an idiot. and i don't think she though in her neighbor while stilling another woman husband

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    She didn't 'steal' Brad Pitt. He's a big boy, he can make his own decisions, and dump his own wives.

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    I don't know who is hotter, but Jennifer definitely has more class.

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