what is a geisha?

like umm what do they do?

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    Geisha originated as skilled professional entertainers; originally most were male. Geisha used their skills in traditional Japanese arts, music, dance, and storytelling. Town (machi) geisha worked freelance at parties outside the various pleasure quarters, while quarter (kuruwa) geisha entertained at parties within the pleasure quarters. As the artistic skills of high-ranking courtesans declined, the skills of the geisha, who were both male and female, became more in demand.

    The geisha tradition takes many of its mannerisms from Kabuki. Male geisha, both past and present, tended to take on the sexual humor of Kabuki, carefully balancing their appeal as to not intimidate their male customers. Male geisha (taikomochi) were usually ugly, previously wealthy men who spent so much money on geishas that they had to turn professional. Popular geisha and Kabuki actors have generally been mutually supportive. The early predecessors of geisha were the female Kabuki actors. Geisha tradition is also connected with Noh, primarily in the Kyoto geisha's dance styles.

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    The word Geisha means "artist" in Japanese. Geisha are professional hostesses who entertain guests through various performing arts in tea houses called O-chaya. They are trained in a number of traditional skills such as Japanese ancient dance, singing, playing instruments such as the Shamisen, flower arrangement, wearing kimo no, tea ceremony, calligraphy, conversation, alcohol serving manners and more. Geisha continue to study and perfect these skills throughout their careers as geisha.

    A successful geisha must demonstrate beauty, grace, artistic talent, charm, impeccable etiquette, and refinement. Only guests with a long time connection with the tea house are allowed and tea houses generally don't take on new clients without an introduction. The profession of a geisha is a very expensive business and a geisha party can easily cost thousands of US dollars. The total number of geisha in the 1920's was 80,000, but today the number of geisha has dropped to 10,000 due to the westernizing of Japanese culture.

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    A geshia is a women in china that entertains a man in a good way like with a dance the chineses guitar thing a poem and a smart mind they provide entertainment for men that in the old or new days that are stuck in an arranged marriage think of payed company but not at all like a hooker watch Memoirs of a Geshia a whole bunch of info there

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    A Geisha is an entertainer. They are highly trained in singing, dancing and playing musical instruments as well as storytelling. They are also skilled in conversation and are hired to entertain and make parties, or just an evening more pleasant. They are NOT prostitutes and do not have sex for money. They are paid to be beautiful, pleasant and well, entertaining.

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    The word Geisha literally translates to "arts person" or "one trained in arts" (gei = art, sha = person). It is also sometimes described as "women of arts, which is exactly what a Geisha is - a woman trained in the traditional arts of Japan such as dance, music, singing to name a few.

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    They are high class entertainment for the soothing of mens souls, in Japan. Tohugh sex is sometimes involved, which is where it gets a bad reputation in the west. By Japanese standards this is completely acceptable. The entertain in several ways however. They play instruments, massage, serve food, embrace the man in humerous conversation, dance, etc. They are there for the complete entertainment of the masculine. It is considered (in Japan) to be a very prestigous position.

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    Geisha (芸者, Geisha) are female Japanese entertainers whose profession includes music, dancing, and communication.

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    A Geisha is the same as a whore. That is what I was told.

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    They're female Chinese Entertainers, and they look really good for wealthy male prospects.

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    girls trained since birth to be erotic for money

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