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is it Advisable to do...?

is it Advisable to do, Anal with your partner and to do doggie style?

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    If you mean one after the other, then no. You don't want to get any fecal matter into your partner's vagina. It will likely cause an infection and a great deal of pain for her. Make sure you use a condom during anal if you are going to switch back to vaginal, or use a new condom. Afterwards, make sure to wash well even if you used a condom. You don't want bacteria in your urethra!

    Going the opposite way (vaginal to anal) won't cause an infection because your butt is used to bacteria already.

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    If your partner wants to and if your clean and protected. But you have to be sure to clean your self and your partner to clean very very very well. And doggy style doesn't necessarily need to be anal!

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    no that is nasty and you can get anal cancer like farrah fawcett go look it up now on the web. cancer of the butt is probaly painful!

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    its your choice

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