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My computer is running slow.?

I was told to clean up HD and reinstall Windows XP. Do you agree with that solution?

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    Why re-install?!!! Run a defrag program, maybe an antivirus and an anti-spyware thing. Maybe you have a virus?? Don't reinstall the whole program before trying other stuff first! Definitely try the defrag. There's one built in one the computer:

    Start--All Programs--Accessories--Disk Defragmenter.

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    Errm, well it certainly would solve the problem, but that's like burning down your house to kill the roaches inside. Works..but is that necessary?

    I do reinstall Windows XP every so often, but I do that whether the computer is running slow or not.

    I recommend you do the following: first, uninstall all programs you are not using. Uninstall suspicious or annoying programs as well. Then download Spybot ( ) and use that to clean your computer of spyware.

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    No. You don't need to Uninstall Windows. All you have to do is clean out cookies and temp files then do a defrag on your hard drive. Over time junk gets built up on your pc and every month or so you should go in and clean it all out. Think of it like a tune up. There are programs like Norton System Works that do it all for you.. it's a really good program. Or you can just do it yourself. Yahoo search for detailed instructions how to delete cookies and temp files and also do a defrag every once in awhile and you should be fine. Also go to and download adaware... it will also help clean out your computer of stuff stuff like spyware and adware.

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    re-installing windoes is the last option. there are a couple things you can do first.

    you can fix this yourself but might take a little while. I've done this many times for myself and friends computers. Basically you have spyware, probably tons of it on your computer.

    1. go to add/remove programs in your control panel. delete anything that has the word "toolbar". Also, look through the list and delete anything you think shouldn't be on your computer. Possible things could be Wild Tangent, MyWebSearch, or anything that looks suspicious.

    2. get these two programs.

    and this one

    these programs will be used to locate the spyware on your computer and remove them. install both programs and update each one.

    3. run one of the programs. delete anything it finds (might say "fix" problems.) now run the other program and do the same.

    4. restart computer. this should improve performance significantly. you also might have to run those programs a few times. It is also good to run those programs once a week to keep your computer clean. and always make sure you update those programs.

    5. this might not have completely solved your problem, but this will help GREATLY.

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    Time to defrag the hard drive clean out all the unused applications. Should not require a re-install of Window's XP

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    There are lots of folks that routinely rebuild there computers every so often to get that fresh performance boost of a clean install. It is usually quicker than figuring out what made it slow (virus, worms, registry swell from application loading) You might try cclean <> and run through that. After that defrag the disk. Depending on disk size that might take a couple of hours.

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    Try this it worked for me. Plus its fast.

    1. Click the start menu

    2. Click Run

    3. Type in msconfig and press "ok"

    4. Click on Services top right, next to start up.

    5. Click on "Hide all Microsoft Services"

    6. Click on "Disable all"

    7. Now click on Startup (top right)

    8. Disable All(Disabling all Stupid programs not needed to run windows.

    9. Click Apply then close.

    10. It will ask you to restart for changes to take effect. "RESTART" You will notice the differance as it boots. If no Differance. More than likely Hardware issues.

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    Nope must check your computer's speed if that so upgrade (it's better 2 GHz or higher)

    2.check your RAM memory if that so upgrade (it's better 256 or higher)

    3.check your ROM memory if that so upgrade or uninstall unnecessary programs (it's better 60 GB or higher and left the empty space at least 5 GB)'re running to much applications, close unnecessary applications (don't open the applications more than 5)

    5.the last one, caused by virus/es (antivirus/es or reinstall)

    good luck!!!

  • I do but also try to refrag the computer too. AND get rid of any desktop back grounds and make the tool bar (you know where the start menu is) back to regular(old) style/design and you will be amazed how much faster it can be.

    P.S. downlading or simply uploading needless stuff greatly slows down the computer (i.e. AIM smileys, fancy desktop designs, full toolbars, fancy screensavers, etc.)

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    If all the above doesnt work CLEAN UP YOUR REGISTRY when you uninstall programs often some keys dont get erased cuasing your comp. to slow down. 2 things either buy a registry cleaner online i use registry mechanic or remember all the names of software uninstalled find keys in regedit and delete them BUT BECAREFUL THATS FOR EXPIERIENCED USERS DONT F*%K UP YOUR REGISTRY! Just simply create a restore point first, or just dont be a cheapo and buy the software.


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