how do you get into a program working with the police to catch online sexual predators?

how do you get into a program working with the police to catch online sexual predators? i have no clue who to call or web site(s) to visit or anything so could someone please help me?


dude wtf !? terrorists? the mafia? so these people are sexual predators? riiiight lmao

Update 2:

and i dont want to be f*kin cop...i just want to get the sick f*cks put away....Go in a yahoo chat room as a girl (say ages between 13-15) youll see how many pedos and sh*t there are just on yahoo alone. I know this because my little sister went into a chat room on here and 3 seconds later she gets 20 IMs from a bunch of horny old guys she told them she was 13 and id say about 2 or 3 of them said "Sorry, you're too young. Have a good day, bye." and the rest said "thats ok, i like em young....." of course she immedeatly blocked them and i dont let her go on yahoo guys should think about it..would you want something to happen to your daughter/sister/mother/friend or anybody? well if you do then you need help.

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    Sexual predators are a problem every where these days. Society is full of people wanting to be a "Cop", if you are really serious about fighting sexual crimes then become a real cop not one of the busy body types that want to play a crime fighter role.

    Call your local police department public affairs officer and ask your question and see what type of response you get from that person.

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    the human beings posing for To capture A Predator are actors. in case you want an chance to act you need to pursue performing and at the same time as they have an establishing for a decoy you'll nicely be in position for it. besides the indisputable fact that, going to the police is not likely to yield more beneficial than an excellent snicker for them. you'll do more beneficial contacting a particular study unit on sex crimes or an section company that aims to thwart sexual predators.

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    You dont want to get into it. Unless you have a law enforcement background it is best to stay away from it totally.

    If they find out who you are, remember that you are dealing with:

    (a) the Mafia

    (b) terrorist organizations

    (c) slave traders

    (d) drug cartels

    Just run away - as fast as you can.

    Now, you can instead work on victim prevention programs, community awareness programs and the like. That may keep you safe.

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