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Will having my Belly Button pierced hurt?. Want it done, but scared of the pain ? PLZ ANSWER?

Ok, i want my Belly Button Pierced.

Tell me honestly, will it really hurt ? Do they use a needle (hate them)

What will it feel like, when they pierce it ?

Please answer. Want it done, scared of the pain.

Will bring a friend, to squeeze their hand. lol.

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    Everyone's level of pain tolerance is different.

    1. The area around and inside the naval is cleaned with hydrogen peroxide.They will usually numb the area as well.

    2. The piercer holds the upper or lower part of the naval, depending on where you want it, and pulls it slightly away from the body

    3. A marker is used to mark the place to be pierced.

    4. The hollow needle is inserted through the fold of skin on the naval.

    5. A Captive bead or barbell is inserted into the hollow needle.

    6. The needle is inserted the rest of the way through and pulled competely out of the skin, leaving the jewelry in place.

    7. The bead is attached and the piercing is complete.

    The pain will be a quick, sharp, pinching feeling. It will hurt as it's being done but the actual piercing procedure is very quick so the pain will only last for a minute. After that the area will probably be a little swollen and sensitive, but the worst should be over. You should recieve directions on how to clean and care for your piercing afterwards. GOOD LUCK!

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    If you have an experience piercer seriously you won't feel a think.

    The first time I got mines done was painful and it was a crap job. I needed to take out my belly ring and let it heal. After three years I decided to pierce it and I didn't feel a thing. You should do your research on the piercer and then make your decision to see if he/she will do a good and painless job.

    Oh and yes they use a needle and a tong like thingy.

    Once again if you get an experienced piercer you won't feel a thing.

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    I got mine done 3 yrs ago.. make sure you go for ice-cream or something before getting it done. 'Coz i was low on blood sugar, and fainted. They use a long needle and stick it threw and out of about half an inch of skin... For the first week it's really bad and sore! Even my shirt rubbing on it made me feel sick...

    After 2 yrs of having it i couldn't;t stand it anymore and took it out.. But i still have the hole. And probably always will. And it's big.. So if you're sure you can take it, and the 'after look' of it when and if you take it out. Then go ahead. But i honestly would have not done it if i knew all what i would have gone threw..

    Good luck!!!

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    ok, right this is the deal... it quite relies upon on your tolerance for discomfort. I had it performed when I grew to become 18, and that i certainly hate needles (I even have my lip performed). It harm so lots extra beneficial than my lip did... they regularly use a 14 gauge needle... they're going to clamp the floor on the acceptable and pull it out... they're going to have you ever're taking a deep breath and once you breath out they'll push it via. it is going to in all probability sting and sense quite heat around the section. The section that harm me the main replaced into whilst he placed the hoop in... I had my abdomen button for a pair of twelve months, and that i will tell ya this... abdomen button piercing are a discomfort interior the butt to shield... they get caught on each and every article of clothing you placed on and pull... it hurts... additionally they take consistently to thoroughly heal... yet howdy, it is your physique! reliable success! Edit: a pair of million twelve months later, i spotted the floor replaced into tearing and that i had a "0.33 hollow" between the different 2... my physique rejected the piercing and it will certainly fell out and pulled my abdomen button in 2... now that's scarred and nasty... basically so which you comprehend

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    Yes, it hurts not alot but your going to feel some pain. Yes they use a huge *** needle, but don't look and you'll be fine. ( I hate them too and will pass out, but I didn't look and i was ok)

    The worse part of it all is the healing. If you keep your pant waist line off of it , it will heal quicker.

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