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What was the last movie you saw that had an ending SO twisted and confusing that it made you ...?

.....leave the theatre scratching your head and thinking what the f*ck? And did you have a big debate over it on the car ride home?


Can you ruin the ending for me (if I haven't seen it already) and briefly tell me what made it so twisted/confusing?

Update 2:

The ending with Johnny eating corn COULD be considered twisted, yeah. LOL.

Update 3:

I agree 100% about 'The Village'! I was so disappointed, thought it was going to be a horror film.

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    The movie "The Village". It was packaged and advertised as a horror movie. I was really disappointed when I found out that the monster was just a made up story to prevent people from going to the woods. Thus keeping them from the truth that they live in a wildlife reserve environment and not the 18th century America. It decieved me because I was expecting a horror movie and that is what I paid for. I came out of the theater mad as hell. That movie sucked big time. And you are right, I said "What the f*ck!" when the plot unfolds. After that, anything the actors do to be scary seemed so boring to me already.

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    The Fountain with Hugh Jackman..


    One minute he's a doctor performing surgery on a monkey so he can find a cure for his wife who is dying of cancer, the next minute he's floating through space in this giant bubble with the tree of life in the bubble with him and he's all bald and Buddah-like, and then it switches to a scene where he's a Knight at some fountain and he drinks some sap and you think he's discovered the tree of immortality but then all these plants start growing out of his stomach and then it switches to a scene where it looks like the Big Bang and he's back to reality and his wife dies of cancer and then he's floating through space again and he goes to eat a piece of the tree but the tree died and he starts crying and hugging the tree and then he reaches some distant nebula and I can't remember the rest but geeze.. I wasn't really paying attention throughout a lot of the movie so I probably missed the point of the transitions between these scenes, but it was still pretty messed up!

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    "Freedomland"- starring Samuel L. Jackson and Julianne Moore, and Edie Falco. Julianne Moore cried her entire script so I really didn't understand what happened. I still don't.

    Maybe its just Julianne Moore. I didn't get the ending to "The Forgotten" either!!

    Oh yeah, and "The Inside Man" too, but that was a Spike Lee film and he muddles sometimes with artistic creativity. It was like a movie version of ABC's "The Nine". *blech*

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    How about the AMerican Hauntings. Based on TN hauntings. The ending was twisted due to the fact that the hauntings were occuring because the little girls father was doing things to her sexually. That was pretty freaky but a great movie!!

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    Mullholand Drive

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    Maybe not the last movie I saw, but I loved the endings on Primal Fear and Usual Suspects. Even if you guessed it before the end, the writing and execution by the actors made it priceless.

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    Deja Vu

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    Vanilla Sky

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    this isnt exactly what your looking for but i loved the ending to "the secret window" with johny dep.

    it was awesome when he ate the corn. it was like he was eating her body since he burried her there than grew the corn in that spot. what a great movie

  • It wasn't at the theater. But it was The Lost Room. The last episode didn't tell us anything.

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