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Should Isiah thomas Get Fired From his job as the Coach?

He should get fired, the knicks are a losing team and they will never win a title again.

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    Anybody in their right mind that has Larry Brown has head coach and forces them out, should be fired. There are many problems with the players and coaches. But a coach like Larry Brown is needed in the NBA. He brings discipline to the mix something that those over inflated egos haven't endured.

    There are way too many know-it-alls out there and Isaiah is one of them, trying to coach from the GM spot. He wasn't satisfied, so he usurped the job from Brown and took over and now they are a disgrace with the MSG Brawl.

    All I'm saying (and this speaks to every organzation whether basketball or football) is if everyone would worry about THEIR JOBS in the first place, maybe the Knicks wouldn't be an embarrassment now. The team is very much like the 76ers, they have the talent, but prefer to decimate the team just because they can. So yeah, Isaiah should be sent out the door along with the GM and the staff and try something new.

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    He should be fired. He plays dirty, his team isn't playin to well, and he warned Melo to stay out of the paint...

    What a jerk and he gets the same fine as George Karl and the Nuggets, what an ***!

    He then went on to justify what was done because the Nuggets had their starters in still, forget the fact that they had lost big two times in a row...

    He's an ***, and a bad coach, who needs to get the boot!!!

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    I honestly think that the knicks went south when he got there(NOT larry brown) he was a terrible GM

    he put together a team of just showboaters and scorers and thinks he can win with that

    He was a great player, but unless he is dribbleing the ball he is terrible for the game of basketball

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    isiah should have been fired two years ago for bad performance in his workplace. this is just another incident in his tattered and failed attempt to play business man.

    he is truly a nice guy - until he decided to venture into a side of the business he has no place in.

    what has he done correctly since being hired by the knicks? and for that matter at Indiana (Pacers)?

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    As a depressed manhattan fan i do no longer even understand a thank you to respond to this question through fact it style of appears like our eternal punishment that this guy is in potential of the franchise. education and wide-unfold supervisor and he's led us to no longer something, if something we've long gone back through fact the Scott Layden days (remember we New Yorks chanted for him to get fired, remorseful approximately that now)....yet sweeping alterations must be made. coach, GM, factor shield, A Rebounding center...the record is going on and on.... I say Rick Carlisle as coach and Chris Mullin as GM are the adult adult males to repair the franchise

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    He should definitely get fired. He is a classless goof ball. When he came out and said that the brawl happened because the Nuggets were running up the score...what a joke. Why should a professional team have to quit trying. If you don't want to get your butt harder.

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    isiah thomas should be fired because he's the one responsible for the players on this roster who by the way suck

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    Yes because he told Carmelo and JR Smith not 2 go 2 the basket

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    Idk about fired-Yeah the Knicks do suck but just suspend the guy for some games....Make him learn his lesson! Cut his pay a little do anything! But dont fire him-a little harsh dont ya think-even if he was wrong!?

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