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an in memory tattoo?

i want one for my grandfather who passed away when i was 4 i don't want a heart or dove with a ribbon i was thinking a deer because he loved to hunt and i'm still confused between his name lonnie or pawpaw as i called him any opinions on what design

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    I think you should not put pawpaw i't wouldn't look right maybe put a beatifully made cross with his name on it and then put in the shadow of the cros a deer's shadow

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    I like the deer idea, and you should go with Pawpaw. The tattoo should represent what you remember about him. So maybe you could do like a big elk with a little bit of forest/meadow background and underneath have Pawpaw written in some pretty letters.

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    The deer sounds like a lovely tribute. You should probably put whichever name you called him most often.

    However, I have to agree with the guy who said tattoos are personal and you shouldn't pick something just because someone on here says they would.

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    hi hun i think that is a loving and great idea , its nice to see people still have plenty of respect for there family.

    i think a deer sounds cool and it makes sense as he liked to hunt.

    i mean if you got a shotgun on your arm , people might think your a killer, lol. i think a deer with maybe the name lonnie in an arch around the deer itself would look terific.

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    A tat is something that has to mean something to you. It does not matter what other people think,it's there for you. You do what feels best to you and what makes the best memory of him. I have several and do suggest one thing please, have it somewhere that you can cover up if need be in the future,I.E. don't put it on your forehead or nothing lol.

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    my suggestion:

    "In Loving Memory"

    a majestic buck

    "grandpa's name"

    and put the text portions in scrolls

    p.s. this is the RIGHT kind of tribute tattoo.....not the name of a

    boyfriend or girlfriend.....your boyfriend may not always be your boyfriend, but you grandpa will ALWAYS be your grandpa

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