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Where to Attack?

In your opinion what is the BEST target to attack to end a fight and why?


remember that it's a fight and you want to end it as quickly as possible

Update 2:

ending it as quickly as possible means your attack needs to be as fast as possible.

the target that is closest to you is naturally the target that you will hit the fastest.

i study efficiency and economy of motion and have come to a very different answer than what has been offered so far. that's why i ask why you would go to the target you answer with as i'm not 100% i'm correct with my thinking.

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  • Shaman
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    I have to agree with Ron75's first statement.... It does depend on different variables. Is it life or death situation? Is it just a drunken brother-in-law in your face? Are they armed? Are they on drugs? How are they standing? Where are they in relationship to you? etc. etc. etc.

    The BEST option for ending a fight is not to get into one. But if you have no choice, you better be ready to do more that go for the "one-hit knockout". Get over the idea that kicking a guy in the nads is going to incapacitate him. Some guys can take the shot and just makes the mad. (That goes for a lot of the pressure point hits.)

    However, having said all that.... If we're talking "life and death" and "up close and personal attack", keep the "STOP" strategy in mind.

    S - Structure (destroy a structural point: knee, arm, elbow or neck)

    T - Temporal (attack the side of head: temples, ears and joint of jaw bone)

    O - Organ (attack sensitive organs: heart (strikes to chest), kidneys, eyes, lungs - through windpipe - and yes even testicles)

    P - Pain (attack the most available "pain" sensitive area of body: shin, instep of foot, inside of thigh.)

    Note: The "Pain" part of strategy is more to draw their attention away from further attack to you and for distraction and set up for more damaging counter-attack.

    Use this information with honor and integrity.

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    Most likely the eyes. Once you lose your eye sight you're done fighting. As a person, you have a natural drive to protect your eye sight. You're going to go fetal position if you get struck with sticky fingers in the eyes. A crane rake across the eyes works as well. Gives time to get away. Or, the eye attack can act as a distraction. Following this, perhaps attack the vagus to shut down the heart. If not, then drive into the soft tissue of the throat until you choke out your opponent. Hammer fist the temple, or perhaps Dim Mak the sternum for insta-death. Maybe if their knees are right there, strike the eyes and then snap the knee.

    The groin to bend him over and then snap into the nose. He'll cover up.

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    The way to end a fight is not to pinpoint a specific target. It is quite simple: RUN. Fighting is stupid and for chumps. Unless you are physically backed into a corner by an aggressor, just leave the situation ASAP. There is no shame in avoiding confrontation. If you are actually in peril, go for the nose as hard as you can, preferably in an upward motion. Everyone has a nose (not all have nuts; a-l-m-o-s).This will temporarily blind even the toughest of opponents and give you the chance to follow my first suggestion.

  • Rick R
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    Wait for the moment in which he has to compromise the most of his balance. Then land a power shot to the face, stomach, or knee, and turn him out onto the ground with some form of simple grapple. The shock and the pain will get to him, and being off his feet, will finish him. Giving you ample opportunity to walk away from the conflict. If he tries to retaliate it will be obvious, and you will hear and/or sense it. The fight or flight will probably make him want to either rush you, or do a sneak attack, if he isn't crawling away in pain. If he rushes you, you can either strafe to the side and drop on him, or catch him with a rising kick. If he is sneaking up on ya with a punch, you can move out of the way and blast him in the stomach, or catch his arm, force him on his knees and kick him in the chest before throwing him off. If it's a kicking ambush he's an idiot, and you should smash his ankle or calve with a direct stomp to the leg on the ground and then push him up and off from under his thigh. But of course all this is dependent on your position and his skill level. Good luck, I guess. And I'll admit that most of those scenarios would indicate a pretty dumb or unskilled fighter if he or she fell for it.

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    shut up smalls.

    the nuts. first one to the nuts wins. or the eyes or the throat. but it really depends on what type of fight it is. is the person armed are they robbing you or is it a i cant stand you looking at me lets rumble.

    if its only one on one ill box the sheet out of them and wait to shoot in then get them on the ground and there azz is mine. but if someone was to point a knife at me then the eyes throat nuts become instant targets. if theres more than one then go for the same as above but hit the nose if you can. dont care how its an instant tempo stealer and you can then attack one of the above after.

    Only idiots try to hit the chin like if there boxing or something. its to hard to target and most times fights just end up to wrestling. but a good jab right on the nose followed up by something harder has been my bread and butter technique

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    Some great answers, some people here still dont know sh!t from clay.

    hit the throat, the opponent immediately recoils away from you, you can chop it so that they have trouble breathing and if you hit it hard enough, its die time.

    hit the knees, and they cant mobilise to confront you, a snapped knee ligament stops people fast.

    always go for vision, breathing, mobility. any one of these creates problems for the opponent that does not rely on pain compliance. they can be on steroids, PCP and hate you, but if you take out any of those areas, you can get away.

    if they cant see you win, if they cant breathe you win, if they cant move you win. mike tyson has the same protection over his eyes, throat and knees as you and me: NONE.

    dont fight him, finish him!

    if its zombies you are fighting, go for the knees, at least then you can run away while they crawl after you.

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    Jab the throat. It hurts a lot and their reflex will be to jerk backwards and grab their neck, giving you time to run or to attack the space between the neck and the back with your elbow, which will cause them to collapse. You could also Aim for the stomach, but pull away before you hit them, then hit the seidon pressure point (the space between their nose and their left eye). It will cause them to be in pain and they might hallucinate.

  • Ron75
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    That is going to depend on your opponent and the situation. There are 21 points on the body that you can use to disable or cause such great pain that anyone attacking you will not be able to continue. Three main defense things to remember. If they can't see, move, or breathe then they aren't going to hurt you.


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  • Remzy
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    doesnt matter where you hit, but how you hit. If you are able to hit at his nose do it strong, but if your target is the nuts you should be fast and accurate. Eyes are harder to hit. Anyway, if you want to hit one of those you should get closer to your target and to do this you should move like water... Nothing can stop water...

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