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Meaningful words that start with L?

Love Lust Loot Long Lasting Life Lives, these words have deep meanings for me. What are yours?

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    Lunge, Lost, Lie, Linger, Languish, Lonely

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    The American neo-fascist ultra-right has no concept what that word means. Some of them are so sorrily informed and misled by their semi-literate "pundits" of the broadcast waves they actually think Hitler was a leftist and a socialist, which of course is a calculated and deliberate fraud by some of the "barely-got-out-of-high-school" simpletons whom they have designated their "thought leaders". These clowns seize on the misused/misapplied word "socialist" in the NSDAP party title, and convince the knuckle-dragging imbeciles that somehow means they were involved with leftist "collectivism". None of these folks, of course, ever read Shirer or MEIN KAMPF, or they'd know how patently ridiculous that sort of "unthinking" really is. They are not only unaware that socialism involves state ownership of ALL the key means of production and distribution, and is an ECONOMIC system (not political!), they will stand and argue that socialism is a form of fascism, based on the ravings of a lunatic fringe book written by one of the crackpots they regard as an inspiration and a "great patriot". If you ask about collective agriculture or land reform, most of the lunatic fringe right doesn't even know of what that consists. Obama, in particular, is, in world terms, a moderately conservative capitalist democrat. But that doesn't mean anything to the lunatic fringe, who hate him for so many reasons, they will dredge around for negative things to say, no matter what. It's vitriol with a target. It is a cynical master plan, really, on the part of what passes for "think tanks" in their wildly distorted world. The idea is, anything which comes out of the mouth of anyone to the left of Attila the Hun is to be attacked as "socialism", as if that word had a meaningful and rational application, which in their case, it virtually NEVER does. The goal of this film flam is very simple: EVERYTHING EVIL MUST BE ASSOCIATED WITH THE LIBERALS AND DEMOCRATS, no matter how huge the lie has to be. The underpinning scam even includes describing Hitler as a "leftist", a calumny so preposterous that William L. Shirer lampooned it in some of his writings fifty years ago. His RISE AND FALL OF THE THIRD REICH makes it very clear that government and all fascist states were pure capitalist states which adopted some of the language and none of the structures of the left. In short, they were reactionary right wingers, much more closely identified with the buffoons spewing this madness than is comfortable for them. For the record: no fascist or Nazi government EVER nationalized an industry. Indeed, Nazi Germany privatized the great arsenals at Danzig, Erfurt, and Spandau. Beck's accusation that the Nazis started their "socialized medicine" is a bold-faced lie. That plan started under Bismarck, about 17 years before Hitler was even BORN. And they never nationalized the auto industry, either. That's why BMW, Daimler Benz, Audi (the old Auto Union complex), and even Volkswagen still exist as corporations, which they have ALWAYS been. Even during the war, Opel (owned by American General Motors!) and German Ford remained under private ownership and management. And they still are! But reality doesn't figure in the cloud-and-cuckoo land of weird opinions and mad fantasies. It's an attempt to politicize a perfectly respectable economic term by re-defining terms settled upon two centuries ago, and just flat out lying about the rest. This is how political propaganda works, in the world of paranoids. It's called: The Big Lie. Not surprisingly, Josef Goebbels, another old line right winger, formalized the doctrine.

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    for L i would have to say life and Love caus ewith out one u dont want the other. love makes life worth living

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    love, lust, loss, led, lied, lived

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    lol i am totally on the wrong page huh? lol

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