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Why is it a stop light and not a go light?

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    If there was no light, you would keep going, wouldn't you?

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    Way back in the Olden Days, they used to hang a single red light. If it was on, you had to stop.

    Then, they added green to the equation, because if the light bulb in the "stop" light burned out, people would not know to stop because the light wasn't on.

    Then, they added yellow to them because when the light changed from green to red, people would slam on their brakes causing rear end collisions.

    By the way, when was the last time you saw a "go" sign at intersection?

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    because honestly some people just do not know when to stop, unless the light is red they will keep going and going!

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    Hello... =)

    Well, if it were not present, one would not otherwise stop, no??

    I mean, you don't just randomly stop while driving about, just drive from your point of origin to your destination. So without "stop" lights, you wouldn't stop at all. The light causes you to stop, if it does anything at all, hence, it is a "stop" light.



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    Because if you stop at the light (no matter what color it is), it is not near as bad as going at the stop light, no matter what color it is! Good question tho, it makes ya think!

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    when we going we thinking (most of time) stop light- small rest for mind wich need this

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    Stop takes priority over "go" most of the time.

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    It's more important to stop then to go.

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    Because it can only have one name, but it can do both. Sense you stop at it more then you go.....

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    I dont know but you are an idiot stop wasting space and ask questions that matter.

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