A ? about santa?

my sister is in 3 grade and she still belives in santa and her best friend also naiber and in same class doesn't belive any more and the naiber found her santa presents in her mom's closet so what should I do???


my family doesn't want her to find out till after christmas

(rosie your answer is great) this is my fourth year knowing

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    Tell anyone who does not believe in Santa to keep quiet and don't spoil it for those who do. Belief is a magical thing, it can create miracles and change lives, don't let anyone take that away from your sister.

    You love your sister so much, thank you for sharing your problem.

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    there is nothing u can realy do but tell her that he came early this year lol or tell her the truth abouut him and tell her that santa is a good man and he was once alive but he is not now and we still say that he is coz we still get **** from him and tell her why u told her that he was real and then tell her not to tellanyone coz they will find out some day

    Source(s): had to tell my 3 year old nefu about it last night he was sad but happy that he got gifts any ways
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    Perhaps try to explain the origin of the real santa aka chris kringle

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  • Poppet
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    1 decade ago

    Nothing. If your sister asks say this, "Do you believe in Santa?" She answers yes. "Then he is real. As long as you believe in him he is real."

    If she asks you if you believe in Santa, answer truthfully. "No, I don't believe in Santa anymore and so he doesn't visit me anymore." or "Yes, I do. And I don't care who knows it. Santa is as real to me as any other magical being."

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Tell he to believe in whatever she wants.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    gust have your mother talk to her about it.Then you can explain to her your own way.

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