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Hydrogen by electrolysis is old news, but what about torch and fuel enhancement use?

Yes electrolysis is not the best way to produce hydrogen. But what about in cars for fuel enhancement? And on-demand torch applications? Are these uses BS? Are these uses not realistic?

This website surely does talk about it alot.


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    All schemes to make hydrogen from water do work, but cost more energy than you get from using the hydrogen that results. This is a chemical energy fact. Water is the lowest energy configuration of oxygen and hydrogen and changing that to a higher energy configuration takes an input of energy. You simply cannot make enough hydrogen to run a car with some small device that replaces the fuel tank. You can make some, but not enough. Everybody who has some scheme to make a car run on water never actually makes it run for more than a few seconds. This is not because they don't have enough money to develop it, it is because they have already made it as good as it is going to get and it is useless. If they ask for money to develop it further, they are defrauding you!

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    I'm going to make some assumptions concerning your question because it seemed unclear to me. Water isn't actually a renewable resource so using it to make fuel isn't really a top notch avenue of research. Especially when fuel can be produced using plant life and that is renewable. In fact todays gasoline fuel is approximately 16% renewable product. If your wondering why that isn't more widely publisized look at the number of fuel producers and how they manipulate OPEC to cause steep price increases in fuel prices. If everyone were aware that a still and some corn stocks would produce all the fuel their cars need where would texaco and the rest of them be? Am I being mean? Well alittle what they are doing and what our government is letting them do makes me very angry.

    Source(s): Goggle Green Fuel
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    Tammy, would you be so kind as to explain how fuel producers manipulate OPEC? Also, Texaco does not exist any longer, as a fuel producer, its just a marketing brand. Finally, if we were to go to all ethanol (and this would require replacing the entire automobile fleet since your gasoline car will not work on pure ethanol), most likely the fuel producers would be making the ethanol. It is much more difficult than just some corn and a still.

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    Q. Does hydrogen gas enhancement somewhat artwork? A. HHO's benefit older carbureted autos and is the holy grail for the gas guzzling muscle autos or the different vast sloppy legacy motor. extra contemporary gas Injection structures maximum probably function worse, NO benefit. A. time-honored service alongside with destructive fabrication and installation is problematic and would desire to be risky - ecoMPH

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