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Feeling bad about cheating?!?!?!?

Feeling Guitly about cheating??????

Cheating and Guilty behavior?

Boyfriend came to see me today, he not in a long time because i always go to his place. He was VERY affectionate and asked me to "just hold him a while" he then said he had to leave cause he had something to do. He got a haircut that day and was looking really nice. however when he was leaving i noticed that his clothes had become wrinkled from lying on the bed, if he was going to see a girl would he have done this???......what is going on with him, why was he so affectionate, he was then asking me if i would ever cheat on him i guess because i told him about this guy that asked me out the other day. What do you think is going on with him? I asked to see him on certain days and he is like " i will let you know that day" rather than just making plans in advance....

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    wow , lots going on,,,,, you should expect, when your dating someone,,,, to make plans ahead of time,,, say early this week for the weekend,,,,,,,,, while spontaneous plans are ok also,,,,,,, if he is committed to you , he should be able to plan for you,,,, and not say "i will let you know that day",,,,,,,,,he doesnt sound like much of a boyfriend,,,,,, perhaps you do need to end it, and get some more experience dating, so you will know what a good person to date is,,,,,,,,,my daughter went threw this when she was 18,,,,,, its hard to break up i know, but she is much happier now,, found out what its like to truly date,,,,

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    Its always depend on how much you love your spouse. Ive been married for 5 years now, and I will have to admit I never cheated on my wife. I got numerous opportunities but for some weird reason I always turned back. I think its call love. But yes I did cheat before and most of the time I dumped the girl the next day. So yes we do feel bad. Stop dating assholes tho, that will help on the cheating thing ;)

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    First thing any relationship needs is TRUST...and you have NONE. For some reason or another you think that his clothes being wrinkled is a sign of him cheating on you. I don't iron my clothes, so they end up getting wrinkled.

    Maybe he is affectionate because he loves you, and loves being with you. How old are you again?

    Don't think your relationship is an episode of CSI:Miami where you can take a little unnoticeable thing and make a realization from it.

    First thing you need to do is explain two things, 1) how old are you AND 2) have u ever been cheated on before?

    You can add to your origional comment, so please do that and let me know.

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    Why did you tell him that someone had asked you out? Maybe he's nervous that YOU'D cheat on him.

    Just because he's being affectionate doesn't mean that he'd cheat on you. However, if you are nervous about it then ask him and see how he responds.

    You know, you can't control the situation if he chooses to cheat. Just simply keep your eyes open. Don't go looking for trouble if it's not there but merely be aware of what's going on.

    Have confidence in yourself. Enjoy yourself. And if you want plans in advance then simply tell him that that's what you need.

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    If you told him that some guy asked you out the other day, no matter what your answer was to the guy, that is a red flag to your boyfriend, he is probably insecure and thinks you might leave him, and if that is the case I would not doubt that he could be spending time with other girls, just in case you leave him, but just cause he is spending time with other girls doesn't mean anything is happening, best thing you can do is talk to him and figure out what is going on.

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    I don't think that your boyfriend is cheating, I think that he may have been feeling insecure because another guy asked you out (and you know the only reason that girls ever tell guys that other men are interested is to let them know that they are replacable, it boosts our egos and lowers theirs.) and so he may have come on a little stronger than he normally would to make sure that you know that he is still very much interested in you and now you may be insecure because you're not used to that amount of attention.

    Source(s): My boyfriend and I went through this a few months ago when some guy hit on me at a concert we went too. We're still together and neither of us were cheating, it was just insecurity.
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    I think you are over analizing everything. Stop worrying about every little detail about him. You will drive yourself crazy. If you are that insecure then you need to be single for a while until you can figure out who you are. Guys usually mean exactly what they say. They are bad liers and if he is hiding something then you will know. Don't work yourself up until you have some real evidence, until then enjoy his company and stop worrying.

    Source(s): Been there, ruined many relationships because of it
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    Maybe he was being really nice coz he honestly misses you? And maybe he'd gotten a hair cut coz his hair was getting on the long side. You're thinking too much. In a relationship the most important thing is trust and communication. Try talking to him in a nice way stating your concerns, not by accusing him.

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    A relationship is all about trust, if you dont have it, it will not work!

    And dont get suspisious on days he shows a little more affection than others. I showed more affection to my boyfriend yesturday and he thought the same thing. mabet he was just in a really good mood and any problems you have in the relationship dont for one second ever not ask him about whats going on, its not rude to your intitled to know and have some say in the relationship!

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    Are you serious? You don't have a real problem here, just one that you made up in your head. Stop it. Get out of your head, it is the gutter, a very bad place where all sorts of scenarios take place that have nothing to do with either reality or truth.

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