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Why is angelina a racist? Are the baby black children of america not good enough for her majesty angelina?

If she is wanting to help diseased, hungry babies in Africa - why isn't she adopting diseased and starving babies? She seems to be adopting those who appear healthy? Aren't these elite do gooders supposed to love everyone???? even the sick??

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    i hate that she adopts these disease infested kids from other countries i think she should be adopted by a african and see how it is,i like Americans born in America!!!get out of the Country Angelina and Brad

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    I think she wanted to be a mother first of all and she was being morally responsible by adopting children who were already here rather than increasing the population, as well adopting children from an area that need public attention.

    She's not only smart, courageous and caring, she does what she does with grace and dignity.

    Why don't you look at yourself and your life. What have you done lately? Have you adopted any children? Do you plan to adopt? Make sure you adopt only diseased and starving children, now, okay? Because if you don't you are a hypocrite.

    don't slam anyone else if you can't step to the cause you're ranting about.

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    This is the most ridiculous question I've ever read.

    When she adopted Zahara she WAS really sick, and had to be hospitalized. How is she racist when she has a multi-racial family??

    When did anyone say that 'elite do gooders are supposed to love everyone'?? I've never heard that.

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    I think that anytime you choose to adopt a child, it should be a highly personal decision--not a political statement or a charity photo op.

    Angelina Jolie told Diane Sawyer that "she doesn't see borders." I think she went to Ethiopia with her humanitarian efforts and fell in love with Zahara. Plain and simple.

    I agree with her, a child in need is just that, a child in need. I think that too many of us draw arbitrary lines of loyalty, differing between Americans and everyone else. I don't think it's fair. Perhaps if we all focused on the broader issues affecting the well-being of children of the world, we would find that they are the same things--unfair trade, government corruption and citizen apathy.

    We can all "adopt" the children, here in America and abroad, by educating ourselves about their plight and affect positive change through vollunteering our time to local, regional and national children's programs; donating our money to reputable organizations; and encouraging our representatives at all levels to vote for measures that help them thrive.

    Source(s): 20/20 interview
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    And why would a healthy child who has no fault that was born poor with no future don't have a chance for a better world? I am sure she does more charity then u or others for diseased children .. She is definitely not a racist !!!!!!

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    Angelina, is not a racist--like any other Mother she wish for her children be well not ill....She has given more money to Africa than you can make in a lifetime--Please clam down and look @ the real picture.

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    If you recall they baby girl she adopted from Africa ended up being very sick after she arrived in the U.S. so I would say she did adopt a sick baby.

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    She can't be too big a racist because she has an Asian and a black baby.

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    how about u try and do the adopting instead of being a $%^#$&^& and sitting here complaining and wasting yr time on the net

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    Dude! Go out there and serve some charity will ya!

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