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Recently my friend brought me a fairness cream which was bought from an agent. This cream is used to improve the fairness of the complexion and really it worked as expected. So I wanted to purchase this product and do a new business. Unfortunately this bottle only contains a label where there is no indication of the name of the product. Only the name "St.Dalfour, france" appears printed on the lid of the bottle. My friend also doesn't know where the agent is bringing from. So I did a search on internet and found all St.Dalfour products seem to be food products and not the fairness cream. Then I requested one of my friends who is in France to find out details about this products. He said he had come to know sometime before as it was reported as a banded product since it caused cancer. He had read on a TV report about this. Now what I need is, I want to verify this issue. If someone can e-mail me I can send a scanned picture of it.

Please help me to find correct info.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    are you gay?

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