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My car is a forest green color now and I want to go to a HOK or Dupont kandy lime gold. Is this possible?

Will I need more than the 3 layers of paint to change from a dark green to a lighter lime green? Need some guidance from a paint expert. If you don't know what your talkin about, please dont respond. Thanks.

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    You have to be careful when painting a car that too many coats of paint/clear aren't applied. The "Thicker" the primer/paint/clear is, the more likely it will crack over time. Consult a shop known for custom paint work. Also remember it might get $$$$$$.

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  • cat
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    You would be better off stripping the car of it's original paint instead of just painting over it. Then you need to sand and prime everything.

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  • Anonymous
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    no reason why not...some sanding,good coat of primer,then any colour you wish !!!!!!

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