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well i am 13 years old how can i lose weight i weigh 180 and i would like to lose at least 15-20 pd help!?

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    Have you any parental support? I would suggest these things... they will help, if you stick it out, and it's all about changing your habits. Set a time you will not eat after at night, say 6:30 have supper and that's it. No late snacks. No junk food. No chips or snack cakes. Drink alot of water, once you get used to the taste you will love it, it will make you feel better, your skin look better, and you'll lose weight! Also, don't starve yourself. You can't lose weight that way. Your body has to have food to survive, if you don't eat much, your body just stores it as fat, so it will have vitamins later. Anyways, try smaller meals, smaller portions. Avoid fast food if you can. Try snacks like carrot sticks and fat free pretzels, so if you get the munchies you can munch on that instead of a fatty chip. Best of luck to you, it is hard to lose weight. If you get it under control now, it could lead to a long healthy happy life though!!! Also try to start an exercises program, a short walk before school and after supper. But be careful. See if you can get a parent or friend to go with you in the evening. Be proud of yourself, you're making a great step!

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    To loose weight:

    1. Go 4 jogging daily in d morning.

    2. Do regular exercise.

    3. Hav control on diet.

    4. Avoid oily junk food.

    5. Increase ur activities.

    6. Never undrgo dieting.


    Daily jogging is d best thing 2 loose ur weight.

    Joggin shud b early in morning, in places where therz less pollution is preffered.

    Jogging has following advantages:

    1. It helps 2 loose weight quickly.

    2. It helps 2 maintain proper shape (figure) of d body.

    3. It helps 2 increase height.

    4. It keeps ur skin free of acne.

    5. It also adds 2 beauty 2 d skin, u will start looking beautiful.

    6. It helps in proper body functioning.

    7. Makes immune system stronger so that body doesn't contract diseases easily.

    N many more..............

    The only route 2 permanent weight loss is a combination of exercise and diet.

    Very low calorie diets or fad diets tent 2 lead 2 d yo-yo phenomenon, in which people lose weight, then quickly regain all they've lost and more. The additional weight is often even harder 2 shed.



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    I think the best you can do is to avoid empty calories from candy, ice cream, soda, cake, pie, chips, cookies, fried food, greasy food, etc., etc. If you are able to eat healthy and be active you will get in better shape. But don't diet, because you are still growing.

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    Your 13 so just like me you'll probably grow out of it, but just in case eat healthier, never hurts. And if you make eating healthy part of your life now you most likely will stick to it for the rest of your life and not have to go through the problems adults do... diabetes, high cholesterol...... hope it works out for you!

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    in case you are trying this you will pas out and not have lost a pound. you are able to desire to pass gradual and consume acceptable. you are able to no longer lose 50 pounds quickly... you will earnings it back and extra. GOOGLE...Weight Watchers.. you are able to desire to drink various water..consume small parts of poultry, fish, vegetables, culmination baked potato.. you are able to desire to do it clever and you are able to desire to stroll on a daily basis a minimum of a mile, jog or perhaps dance. you may desire to lose 10 to fifteen pounds a month in case you do no longer cheat and do it acceptable.consistently consume a respectable breakfast and not in any respect pass nutrition. My sis lost 40 pound in 3 months on Weight Watchers and is 14. reliable success.

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    I had a similar problem at your age and didn't know anything about nutrition.

    I tried diet pills, which are very unhealthy, speed up your heartrate dangerously, and I only gained it back plus some.

    If I had known there were easy things I could eliminate to make a difference, even without dieting, I probably would have dropped pounds.

    Any and all soft drinks should go out the window! Sure, treat yourself now and then, maybe once a month.

    This is wasted calories, tons of sugar. Sugar makes you hungrier for more junk, gives you strong cravings, and makes you more tired. It also makes you have mood swings; way up and way down.

    You then eat more junk and don't feel like doing anything. Also are grouchy and irritable.

    Refined sugar is also is believed to be related to cancer.

    Look at all the kids today who are hyper, obnoxious and can't calm down. You see them in the store and the mother gives them candy often, and they may have a 20oz coke in their hand! That's I think 2.5 servings.

    Poor kids, it's not their fault yet they then get yelled at because they can't calm down or get up all night.

    I learned to drink water with meals, and in between, and now love it. It also fills you up. I keep 4-6 glasses filled on the kitchen counter so every time I pass by I remember to drink some. A straw or two used makes it even easier.

    You might like lemon in your water also.

    Limit your fat intake as much as you can. Less mayo, less butter, less salad dressing or just use oil and vinegar. I use Splenda if I have to have sugar in something. It takes very little.

    I would suggest you find info maybe online on how to eliminate calories in your diet, like these.

    Then also look up what a balanced diet consists of, and vary it to you.

    If you feel deprived or try to lose weight too quickly, you'll only feel depressed and go off the diet.

    Look up or see if local gyms or YMCA has a nurtritionist you could ask, and an exercise pro who can give you safe and effective exercises to do.

    Pick things you LIKE doing, or you won't do them.

    I did my treadmill in front of the TV, or read while on it. It makes the time fly by.

    This type exercise not only burns calories, but helps you lose the weight overall.

    Do not go on extreme diets or use pills.

    I think Weight Watchers is a good food program, but it costs. It helps a lot to have such support. Better yet, you can join this or Overeaters Anonymous.

    If it's not practical to make all sorts of special meals, try the Lean Cuisines or similar in the stores. They are good.

    My best advice is to keep what I call 'safety' food on you. I still do this. Not just to diet, but for health reasons so I'll feel good!

    I carry a bag of nuts, and a can of nuts in my car. They are low in carbs and protein for energy.

    I couldn't lift my case of water out of my car, and it worked out fine. I have a bottle anytime I need it on the run and don't have to buy it.

    I also began drinking Slim Fast, not even to diet, but as a good supplement.

    Because I found I wasn't getting enough of a balanced diet. I still eat my normal meals, but I drink one a day. If I eat less, I'll drink two.

    It can only help.

    I keep a few cans of this in my car.

    I cut out more wasted calories and sugar in gum, mints, random bites of things here and there. Less value meals.

    I save money by getting one or two 99cent burgers (a double cheeseburger is 99cents at BK) and a water.

    Often I'll eat 3-5 boiled egg whites for breakfast. Leave off the yolk, it has lots of carbs. The whites are protein. I add salt and vinegar. I keep a whole carton of eggs already boiled in the fridge.

    Good luck, and you can do this. Give yourself time.

    Love yourself as you are! You are the same person no matter how much space your occupy.

    The more positive you feel, even if you have to fake it til you make it and talk to yourself in the mirror, it can make your actual endorphins kick in in your brain, which will make you feel better.

    When we feel better, we have more hope and strength to do difficult things, so I think more will power. And have a lighter outlook.

    Remember, this is one of the hardest things to do on earth. People with gazillions of money and fame have the same difficulty as you.

    Cut yourself some slack in being hard on yourself mentally, and be harder on yourself in your daily routine.

    Don't make excuses. Don't say I 'will try', as this opens the door for failure.

    It's so easy to rationalize having one bite, or I'll start over again on Monday.

    If you do fall off the plan, that doesn't mean you failed and I don't mean beat yourself up over it. All false starts are at least starts. They'll lead up to the time you stay on it and do it!

    Just stay strong while you have the momentum going. I think the hardest think is to get started!

    To begin dieting and exercising.

    Once you start, you get in that frame of mind.

    To exercise, I would trick myself mentally sometimes. I'd look at it, and say Ok. I only have to do it 2 minutes, or 5 minutes, etc.

    Then I can get off.

    Once I was on, the time flew (usually. sometimes I got off in 5 minutes:) and I told myself I'll do 5 more minutes.

    I usually ended up doing 30 or 45 minutes.

    Good luck! Join a support group for mega more tips and info.

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    diet and exercise. drink plenty of water, eat smaller portions of meals. eat healthy foods, fruits, veggies, whole grans, do not get discouraged. stay motivated! I helped my daughter a year ago and she lost 30 lbs!!! She is healthy and happy and active.

    best of luck to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    hope ur doin it to be healthy and that is a good goal not to high eat less junk and work out good luck sweetie!! lots of water and vitamin!

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    be committed even when it gets hard

    surround yourself with positive people who believe you can do it

    drink lots and lots of water


    eat alot of fruits and veggies

    cut out junk foods

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