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Can my cat fall in love with another cat?

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    Its not love as humans perceive but they do have favorites!!

    And close bosom buddies

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    No the cat no longer in love the way we experience love. I actually have had a cat that did the same element he even waited on the bus supply up for me. He even were given on the bus some cases. stupid tom. Cats are very sturdy at determining on up at danger and undesirable human beings. Your cat may love your figure and obviously and your relied on buddies. yet there is a few element happening inclusive of your female friend. keep a close watch on your female friend you're shocked. All this behaver is universal.

  • Why not? Animals don't process information the same way as humans do. For the most part, all animals have the instinct to reproduce, and that's all they are concerned with, because no species wants to become extinct. Humans are the only species that fornicate for pleasure, which makes us capable of "falling in love." It may just be instinct that your cat wants to be near another in hopes of reproduction.

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    They might really like each other but I don't think cats actually love one another.

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    I'm not sure if it's love but they do build strong bonds with certain cats, usually ones they live with or are around a lot.

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    I think for animals the more correct term is instinct to mate and multiply. Mainly composed of lust and companionship. The term love is for humans only, which has complex emotions.

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    Cats love everybody. If you take the time to pet it, it's your friend for life. They are loving creatures, even if their brains are a little addled.

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    Not exactly fall in love, but they will have a meowning full relationship :) Kind regards

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    i really don't think that cats really know what love is ,it's something that comes from a hart (human) is the only thing that really has love in there hart..i would think?

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