Why does the water temperature in my shower fluctuate so much while the temperature in the kitchen is precise?

My showers have been horrible letely--too hot to too cold and then bearable for a few seconds, then all over again. The water temperature in the kitchen is fine, and can be controlled very precisely with the knobs. Is this a problem with plumbing, the water heater, the knobs, or what? Thanks!

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  • Leo L
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    1 decade ago
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    Can't tell from here, but your Kitchen faucet, especially if it is newer, may be pressure-balanced. This internal mechanism allows a set ratio of hot and cold water to be called up. Therefor, when another tap opens, lowering the supply pressure on either side, the other adjusts, correspondingly. It is now code required for showers.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Is your kitchen closer to your water heater than your shower? Mine is, and I notice that I have the same problem when someone is using the kitchen sink or the dishwasher is running or someone flushes...If you've had the house for a while it's possible that there may be sediment in the lines, usually near the water controller/controllers for the shower, that may be causing a clog and messing up the system. Might be worth checking.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    How old is your Water Heater? It might be that your water heater cant keep temp. Plus, on old home's water pipes would run underground keeping the pipes at a colder temp. but if i were you i would find out how old is your water heater and maybe its just time for a knew one. Oh showers tend to you more water than the kitchen meaning more flow, less heated, heater old cant keep up causing fluctuation.

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