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Is the British monarchy still viable in the 21st century or should it be dismantled?

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    it depends what you mean by viable. it has already modernised and no doubt will continue to do so, making it more and more of a quaint tourist attraction than a body with any power. as such, no politican will threatened enough by it to abolish it.

    however, it rests at the apex of a feudal system that maintains much of its wealth (the Duke of Westminster is the largest landowner in the country and the prince of wales has few hundred thousand acres). the people of the country could do with land reform so that they can own the land they live on rather than lease it from someone whose great great great great grandfather ingratiated himself to a monarch.

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    1 decade ago

    It's been the only viable constitutional arrangement to hold together two seperate nations (Scotland and England). However Scotland will very likely have it's independence within 10 years because a lot of the Scots want it and a lot of the English are getting sick of Scots moaning about England and the English.

    Britain will no longer exist and the need for the monarchy to exist to support the marriage of convenience between Scotland and England will disappear with it. England and Scotland will become republics and perhaps find it acceptable to be ruled directly from Brussels as part of the United States of Europe. I think the desire not to be ruled by European government is stronger in England than it is in Scotland so England might hold out as a genuinely independant republic.

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    dismantled. what good comes of paying taxes for people who need assistence AND royalty because they are proud of tradition? the money is used to pay for everything royals and people aren't going to be helped enough because Queen Elizabeth needs fancy jewels for special occasins,for example. they should join the rest of the human race and have a president. royals should ALL get jobs.

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