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My son wants to get into paintball, which is a better marker for the money, 32 degrees or brass eagle?

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    I am going to agree. Get a Spyder or a Tippman. I know quite a few people who use Brass Eagle and I don't think even one has had a good experience. 32 Degrees is a little better, but the Spyder or Tippman would be a much wiser choice. Considering things such as reliability, accuracy and ease of up-keep, you're much better off with the Spyder or Tippman.

    If money is a real concern, you could probably find a slightly used model on ebay for the same price as the 32 Degrees.

    Both are very upgradeable if your son stays with it and gets good.

    I choose the Spyder over the Tippman because the Spyder is much easier to dissamble and clean (according to my research... I have never taken apart a Tippman)

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    i could stay a techniques far flung from Brass Eagle products. The 32 tiers markers are knock-offs of different longstanding designs from Kingman and PMI, so i could propose gazing the originals and finding out the Spyder from Kingman or the Piranha from PMI. the two one among those agencies furnish waiting to apply "participant packs" that contain the marker, tank, hopper, goggles and so on.. regularly greater decrease priced than attempting to purchase each merchandise seperately. Your suitable guess is to bypass on your interior of reach paintball professional-keep to have them instruct you the ameliorations. the pro-shops regularly do greater effective than merely sell you a marker, they are able to provider them if neccessary, clarify a thank you to function perfect and can regularly reccomend a close-by container to play in a secure area.

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    i've been paintballing for about 10 years now the best starter gun is a tippman 98 is very easy to use, and maintain. brass eagle are crap 32 degrees are good to but a lil harder to maintain than tippman and tippmans are the most customizable gun out there

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    get him a spyder. cheap good gun good upgrade options

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