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QB's 2 out if the following 3: Favre, Garcia, and Cutler!?

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    yo farve is an awsome relilable QB and i would much rather have him then Garcia and Cutler

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    Favre for sure. The Vikings stuff the run so EVERYONE passes against them.

    I don't trust Cutler yet, so I'd go with Garcia as the other QB.

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    Jeff Garcia and Jay Cutler are the ones you need to count out. Wow Jay Cutler had one good day. Brett Favre has had a good day almost every day. Jeff Garcia is UNRELIABLE.

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    I think Garcia and Cutler is the Choice to go with.

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    Garcia and Cutler are the ones you want to start.

    Garcia is protecting the ball very well and will have to throw against the Cowboys. He should throw for about 235 yards and 2 TD and no INTs.

    Cutler will have to throw if they want to have a chance.

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    first let me say i'm a brett farve fan however i think his best games are behind him. he's rated 22 out of 29 starting qb's. Eli manning has had an average year, and he is still 5 qb rating points above brett. Of the seven qb's rated lower than brett 3 are rookies leinart, young, gradkowski and harrington just cant play, thrown in journeyman brad johnson and brett rates out as one of the worst this year. id go fo garcia who had a great game vs the giants and cutler.

    Source(s): yahoo sport qb ratings and being a pro football fan forever.
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    I like Favre vs. the Vikings thanks to a great Vikes run D. I like Cutler against the suspect (no pun intended) Bengals.

    I don't like Garcia against the 'Boys. So that seems easy.

  • 1 decade ago

    Go with Cutler and Farve . Cutler will disect Bengals like Colts did and next week he will dominate 49ers, And Farve May only have two games left as a pro, If so, Guranteed he will have two solid games.

  • 1 decade ago

    Favre and Garcia.

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