Is it inappropiate to get an erection in front of a nurse?

S it inappropiate to get an erection in front of a nurse?

I went to the doctors office last Thursday to get a mole looked at. When I went to see my dermatologist, I explained to the nurse that I had a mole on my penis and that I just wanted it looked at and she told me to completely undress. Well, I wasnt given a gown or anything which I found odd, but I did take off all my clothes and was nude when she walked back in. The nurse was a tall slim blonde and she came back in just to check my blood pressure and pulse. But as I sat there on the exam table while she was checking my blood pressure, I ended up getting a raging erection. She kind of smirked but I was so embarrrassed cause it was like that for 10 minutes. I felt ashamed cause my 3.5 inch erection wouldnt go down. She didnt say anything to me but smile when she left and told me the doctor would be in. When the doctor came in, I was back down again. But do u think the nurse was offended? Did she tell the doctor anything? Other nurses? Was it no big deal? Was I out of line?

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    It was just a spontaneous reaction. She was probably amused. Don't worry about it. However, I know you are lying because they never leave you naked in a Dr's office.

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    I find it extremely odd that they didn't give you a gown. It has always cracked me up, though that (being a woman) they can look at your hoo-ha and stick their speculums and fingers in there, but they give you a gown and scurry away as if they are afraid to see you naked. I've also just stripped that thing off at the end of the appointment and started putting my clothes back on and actually shocked the doctor and her assistant. I was like "you just saw my **** and boobs! Do you think I care if you see my back and tummy?"

    But I would be freaked out if they didn't give me a gown, and I think it is very weird that they didn't give you one.

    Now, I'm sure that the nurse didn't think it was innapropriate. As medical professionals they are trained to expect anything and everything. I'm sorry, but you probably weren't the first patient she saw with an erection. She probably smiled because she was flattered. I don't think I could keep from giggling, but only because I think bodily functions are hilarious. I would never laugh at a guy just because he got a hard on.

    My boyfriend has a mole on his penis and I love it! I kiss it all the time! Unless it's cancerous be proud of that mole! I've got two on my areola, so it makes my boob look like a face with the pointy part of the nipple as a nose. I've also got a mole on the inside of my right labia in my love it.

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    OK a bit too many details there -- and rarely do I say that. I've heard of a 3.5 inch floppy but never a 3.5 inch hard drive.

    Nonetheless I tend to think erections are kind of involuntary, unless you can block sexual thoughts out of your mind. Whether or not she was offended depends on the nurse (how often she's been around male patients who are undressed, how professional she is, her overall maturity level, etc.).

    You can't worry about it. Ultimately it will not likely affect you, and you were in a compromising position that you probably could not have helped under the circumstances, unless, again, you can block out sexual thoughts. If you can't do that, then there's not much you can do there -- you get aroused and the loaf will rise on its own.

    In any case, it shouldn't be a big deal. You can't beat yourself up now.

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    it seems odd that the nurse asked you to fully disrobe just for a genital exam. working in the health care, we have always been taught only to expose as much of the patient's body as needed in order to respect their modesty. i also find it shocking that you were not given any dressing gown. it would have been helpful if you would have asked her for a gown in case she had forgotten. yes, the nurse has probably seen a lot of erections before, but the fact taht she was smirking tells me that this made you uncomfortable. all of this this seems to bespeak of unprofessional conduct on the nurse' s part. as for the nurse being offened or telling other staff - it is evident that your arousal was not intentional and that you did not make any inappropriate advances to her so dont worry too much about whether you did anything wrong because you didnt. it happens, its no a big deal.

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  • rac
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    What was wrong was the lack of a dressing gown. I'm sure the nurse has seen erections before and will see them again. What happened was embarrassing to be sure but not necessarily inappropriate. Your reaction was natural considering the circumstances. Did she tell her coworkers about you, probably yes. They probably had a bit of a chuckle at your expense. Will you feel self conscious when you go there again? Yes, you probably will. Don't let it bother you. Move on and put the humorous experience behind you.

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    Out of the many things running through my mind right now, since we are in the etuquite section, I will leave it with this:

    I am sure that she was kind of amused. Though I am sure it was not her 1st time seeing one on a patient, it still merrits a chuckle when it happens. She also may not have been aware of the fact you were not given a gown & was pretty curious about that also.

    Secondly, yeouch! I had a mole removed from my neck 2 weeks ago!

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    It's actually quite common for men to get erections at the doctor's office. I think it was unprofessional of the nurse to smirk, but I'm sure she's seen it before.

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    She definitely told others, especially if it was only 3.5 inches long at full erection. However, I wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure that stuff happens at times. Just like I know it happens when men are getting a massage from a lady masseuse.

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    No, you can't control it. Also, if she told the doctor or other nurses, she acted in an unprofessional manner.

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    Surely the most embarrassing part was the 3.5 inch penis, not the erection.

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