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I hate hate yahoo!?

I can't acces my account anymore! I had to start a new one. For some reason i can't acces my account anymore! And i am not a happy camper! i keep getting a message telling me that my account has been temporaly disconnected. i had 1,90?? points! (i used ?? since i forgot the specific number) Has this happened to anyone? How do i get it back?

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    Several things could have happened. Here are two possibilities:

    1) You have been phished and someone messed up your account as a result. Information about phishing is available at: Try clicking on the article called, "Help! I think I've been phished" for starters.

    2) Somehow you might have violated yahoo's terms of service. I'm not sure what event could cause someone to violate the terms of service but if you do, I believe yahoo has the right to disable your account.

    Maybe it is a combination of 1) and 2) but there is no way for me to tell for sure. To help prevent this in the future, I would recommend using a Sign-In Seal with your new Yahoo! ID. Information on how to use a Sign-In Seal is also available from that phishing article at

    I know this can be extremely frustrating....hope this helps.

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    i doubt it..ur stressing man take a walk and come back to the computer when ur feeling better

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