anybody know how much $ taning acn be and how much spray tan can be dose it rub off on close?

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    1 decade ago
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    I think I paid around $18 for the spray tan (in CA) last summer for a wedding i was in. It didn't rub off but you need to wear loose clothes & no shoes til completly try or you'll have marks where the tan stuff won't be on your skin. i wouldn't do it again. you stand naked in a booth & hit a button to start. you're supposed to hold your breath for 20 seconds but the start delayed & I ended up inhaling the tanning mist. then when that's done, you turn around & face the other way & hit the button again. again the starting was delayed & you don't know when to take a breath so I inhaled more stuff. it didn't hurt me or anything but I didn't like it enough to do it again. I think there are 3 levels of tan you can get so make sure you don't go too dark & look fake. it lasted a few days & gradually faded. Happy tanning :o)

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