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Does the color of water affect its evaporation?

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    The third answer is partially correct. There are actually two radiant effects if the water is exposed to sunlight. Evaporation is not the same as boiling, though, so the solution effect is different.

    The effect of adding absorbency (by reducing the transparency) will have the greatest effect; increasing the rate of evaporation by increasing the temperature. This is both due to the fact that particles within the water will scatter and internally reflect light (absorbing more energy before the radiant energy passes back out) and because of darker colors being more absorbent to radiant energy.

    However, boiling point elevation has very little to do with your question unless you are boiling the water. In that case, the color is of no consequence since the energy is not being provided by absorbed solar radiation. In natural conditions, the partial vapor pressure of a water in solution is proportional to the molar fraction of the water in that solution. In other words, the tendency of the water to evaporate is reduced as we add other molecules to the competition.

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    Yes, in two ways. First, the darker the water, the more energy it absorbs from a given amount of light. Second, the color comes from impurities in the water, which may either raise or lower the evaporation point of the solution compared to pure water. For example, almost any compound containing sodium (like table salt) will lower the boiling point, and the water iwll evaporate more quickly.

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    Does the color of water affect its evaporation?

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    Yes, the color does effect the rate of evaporation. The darker the water the more it will absorb the heat from light making it warmer. The warmer it is the faster it will evaporate.

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    no the color is the affect of stuffin the water

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