Need to get a gift for my brother's girlfriend-I know she's in her early 30s, into physical fitness...

I only met her once, seems nice, they've been dating about 6 months (I think!) and all I know about her is that she teaches yoga and aerobics, and competes in fitness competitions. We draw names for Christmas, and my husband got her. I asked my brother for suggestions-no help there. Ideas?

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    1 decade ago
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    What people forget is that even though she is into fitness, she is still a woman! I'm a musician, and even though I enjoy music magazines, and cd's It's not what I want for Christmas. Sort of goes along the lines of "useful" gifts to me. She would probably appreciate something that would pamper her as a woman. A nice perfume or scented candles. Something that would take her away from the mundane rat-race, that is her profession, and give her time to herself. Maybe treat her to a spa treatment? Just some ideas for you.

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    I think some bath and body works body wash, spray and lotion set is wonderful for any woman. It's a nice treat that is a little expensive and most women won't spend that on themselves and it's always nice and exciting to get it as a present. Some popular scents are cucumber melon and sweet pea.

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    2 words: Healthfood store.

    Make up a basket of herb teas, health snacks, herb plants, herbal oils for body treatments, ......anything healthy and invigorating. She will appreciate your recognition of her life style.

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    maybe a magazine subscription that you have paid for that appeals to her interest of physical fitness

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  • 1 decade ago

    try the excersize ball those are cool

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