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present from the heart?

This is the second Christmas i spend with my boyfriend, well he wanted a sweatshirt, i got him one, and i knew he secretly wanted this cologne that is impossible to find, but i found it, so i have two things for him, but i wanted to give him something that came from the heart instead of my wallet, so i thought of a picture frame. Well he has a lot of them with pictures of us, and i already made him a scrapbook for his bday, so now here i am less than a week from Christmas and i donno what to do. I thought of the rubber wrist bands, but they take at least 1 month to do and the minimum amount is 1500 and i only needed one. So any ideas, please let me know, i really appreciate it.

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    if he likes pictures who cares how many he has if you make the frame all by yourself it will mean alot to him and he will love it just cause you made it for him trust me

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    Isn't a gift that you buy or a gift that you make, for someone you love, from the heart? If you cared enough about this oerson to do all the running around and searching and shopping and spent your hard earned money on this person, does that not come from your heart? I think it does. I think your gifts will be appreciatd and will say what you are tyring to communicate to him, that You love him! Good Job! Merry Christmas to you.

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    How about a big tray of home made cookies and brownies? All teenage boys love cookies and brownies and if u make them - thats even better! Or how about getting some red and green construction paper and making him home made coupons! Like: good for one back rub, or good for one movie of your choice, or good for one- ANYTHING U WANT! Use your imagination! Both come from the heart and let him know how much u care! Merry Christmas and good luck!

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    Get something that brings back memories or inside jokes because wants come and go but memories last. For my brother I got him wooden spoons, a locker and antibacterial hand soap. Walmart has some gift packages. Also this site has some really good ideas:

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    Try writting him a letter, explaining how you feel about him, put it on pretty paper, and give that to him. It is a true gift from the heart when you write what is inside your heart.

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    get twelve photos together and go to your local "staples" or any copy store and have a calendar made of the two of you.

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    Whatever u can think of ....he will appreciate ur gift...because he knows u love him

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