What are some simple steps or creative ideas that people can take to combat insurgents in Iraq?

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    Every see Apocalypse Now? Marlin Brando's character tells a story about how an aid group came in and innoculated all the children in a village, I think for polio. After they left, the Viet Cong came in and hacked off the arms of all those who were innoculated. Brando's character marvelled at the absolute commitment to a cause that it would take to commit such actions, and said that this was why the Viet Cong (the Vietnamese insurgancy) would not be stamped out.

    It is impossible to defeat a force that is willing to be more brutal than your own, and is willing to use the desire of their enemy to avoid civilian casualties against them.

    But, since you want a solution instead of saying it is hopeless, how about this. Find some way to rebuild the economy, to provide jobs to Iraqis. Of course this is what the reconstruction effort has been aiming at all along, and the insurgents themselves understand that their movement would be stymied if these projects went through, which is why they attack them.

    The key is to find a way - and I don't know what way that would be - to provide more Iraqis with a solid source of employment income, especially young men, so that they are less likely to turn to the insurgency or the various militias in order to make money for themselves and their families.

    Even this may not work, as more and more Iraqis expect the U.S. to bail out soon, who would want to be seen as a collaborater? I know that if the U.S. were ever temporarily occupied, we would string up any collaboraters after the occupying force left - just like the French did after the Germans were chased out in WWII.

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    I've always been saying if I was the general there, every Iraqi citizen would be inserted with RFID tag that would stay in until the war was over, it would allow troops to single out people who do not have a tag and they would then be questioned on their status in the country. If the tag was exposed to air before being deactivated it would turn off. So the insurgents couldn't steal them and use them and even if they did it would be more difficult for them to travel thought the city, after the war was won then ever citizen would go to their local authority to have the RFID tag removed.

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    1. Learn to be humble.

    2. Learn to respect their property and family.

    3. Learn to sincerely apologize. Understand that the Iraqi's are more educated than the people on the ground who are now dictating them.

    4. Return dignity to people who have been degraded. Apologize vehemently to them and their families.

    5. Distance our troops from the Israeli advisers. Stop all the practice that the Israelis have taught the US soldiers. Just one example will be to punish the siblings for the crimes of their brothers. Stop punishing the mothers and the fathers of the (supposed) "insurgents".

    These are simple basic ideas that was known to the Persian Emperor, Cyrus the Great. Alexander became Alexander the Great by emulating the ideals of Cyrus the Great. Why can't we do that ?

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    fight the war as if it were a war, and not worry about pissing off the popular media. We'd be out by now if we were just allowed to fight. The last war they didn't let us fight was Vietnam. That one didn't work out too well for anyone.

    It's odd how i haven't seen a single insurgent in Iraq. Kind of like the Allied Forces didn't meet any Nazis in Germany.

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    I certainly don't know what to do, I'll tell you. The insurgency seems to have a life of its own and kills both American kids and Iraqis. There are so many facets of it. It seems like we are fighting the Islamic nuts on one hand and the Islamic nuts are bent on killing each other on the other. Sometimes it seems like the US troops are playing second fiddle to the secular war going on. It's a damn mess.

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    The insurgents were not insurgents before America invaded. They were probably shop owners. Poverty, lack of social justice and rampant unemployment, caused by lack of planning and poor leadership caused this mess.

    We need the UN to take over.

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    Step 1. Enlist in the military branch of your choice.

    Step 2. Train hard & pay attention to your instructors.

    Step 3. While waiting for deployment to Iraq, request additional training in bomb detection, small arms combat and night tactics.

    Step 4. When deployed, ----classified---- ----classified----- .

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    The Jews in Israel know how to kill people very well. pay them to go in there and wipe them out.

    also.Pay people good money to turn in those who or insurgents.

    bring in Good attack German Shepard's to attack insurgents. people or afraid of Dogs.

    Take peoples family away to Alaska for a while.who fight our troops.and kill civilians.

    pay all those people money to stop killing, I know that would work in the States very well.

    if there could be classes in morals and true spirituality. teaching people about love and kindness that God wont's us to have would to good.teachings taught in the Koran.

    let people know for a fact by an act of congress that when were thru stabilizing the country that we will pull out totally would reassure them

    Have prayer sessions in there Church's to pray for Peace.

    allow them to separate into different sections for the fighting factions. to separate them

    .keep there electricity going. and other services.

    have guards to guard the policemen watching there backs all the time

    .teach people about true democracy and its advantages.

    If someone in the military does harm to someone . punish them severely.immediately. and let the people know that justice has been served.

    God Bless the United States of America . the Southern people. and the miltary men and women who fight for our freedom.

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    Well we cant go back to WWII bombing tactics...

    IMO our guys on the ground relay on solid Intelligence and close air support.

    Todays munition has become very accurate(but expensive). we should keep on doing what we are doing. Night raids, precision bombing and pin-pointing their leaders (like we did with Al- zaragui) until we Win Hearts and Minds and then leave.

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    Adopt a soldier....send packages and letters, anything that reminds them of home. This is morale boosting...something they need badly.....morale is up, gets the job done faster!

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