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When the UN created Israel was land set aside for the "Palestinians" in 1947?

Experts now discuss a two-state solution. Was that the case in 1947?

Were "Palestinians" given land when Israel was created and given their own state or were they part of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon?

I'm curious about the political boundaries of Israeli Arabs in 1947. Thanks.

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    there were 4 main areas in the state of iIsrael, i forgot what tehy all were, but i am pretty sure one was palestinian

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    "The partition plan gave 56.47% of Palestine to the Jewish state and 43.53% to the Arab state, with an international enclave around Jerusalem. On 29 November 1947, 33 countries of the UN General Assembly voted for partition, 13 voted against and 10 abstained. The plan, which was rejected by the Palestinians, was never implemented."

    The BBC has an excellent timeline.

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    Key point # 1:

    The only people who called themselves Palestinians in those days were Jews.

    Key point # 2:

    The region that was known as Palestine is currently divided among the countries of Jordan, Israel, parts of Lebanon and Syria, and disputed territories of Judea/Samaria and Gaza.

    Important side-point:

    Jordan encompasses approx. 80% of historical Palestine.


    In '48 the United Nations voted to create a second Arab state, and a Jewish state, in the remaining part of Palestine west of the Jordan River, which was then under UN Mandate, formerly under British Mandate.

    Most Arabs fled the Jewish part at the urging of the grand Mufti. These Arabs become today's stateless "Palestinians". Other Arabs did not leave the Jewish part. They became today's Israeli-Arabs. (1/6 of Israeli citizens are Arab.)


    The Arabs nations failed in their attempt to "finish Hitler's work" as they called it. And they refused to resettle the Arabs who left during the Arab armies' attacks on the Jews.

    Around a million Jewish refugees came to Israel and were resettled after being expelled from their homes in the Arab world.

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    there's a undertaking. 1947 partition replaced into never carried out. Israel proclaimed itself a state on could 14th 1948, and not made a state by utilising the UN. for this reason the UN did no longer create Israel, yet Israel created itself. I dont think of various ecu international locations are calling for the UN to reexamine the undertaking, except you're conversing approximately Iran.

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    Yes,Palestine was divided into 2 regions:one for the Jewish state and other for the Arab state...

    See the UN partition plan from 1947:

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    The state of Isreal didnt exist until 1949.

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    jews returning to palestine came all throughout time!!many zionists came in the early 1900's and before ,bought and paid for their lands and settled peacefully!!a even as early as the late 1880's there were jews coming back to israel!!christians,moslems and jews,marionites and ssamarians all lived together in peace!!

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