If you have a virus on your computer can it keep logging you off your internet connection ? What virus name ?

I keep getting knocked off my internet connection for some reason even when I try to download yahoo messenger I keep getting dis connected. My pc dont totally shutdown just my internet connection. My provider I called said they are not experienceing any techinical difficulties. Can a virus of some kind be on my computer attacking my connection ? I tried to recover several times and it still having problems. It definitley won't allow me to download my yahoo messenger and when i visit sites it knocks me off continuously at times.

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    Viruses these days WANT you to have an internet connection up, so it can propagate itself to other people.

    You are probably just having computer issues, might want to check into the equipment you use to connect, modem/phone lines/cable/dsl modem/etc. Could be anything!

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    If your computer is infected by a virus, you might want to backup your data and format the hard drive. This is fairly simple if you have Windows XP Home or Pro Edition.

    1) Back up your data

    2) Stick the Windows XP CD in the CD-ROM and reboot your computer. Your PC should detect the bootable CD, and you will select "boot from CD". This will start the installation process.

    3) Make sure you select the option to format your current partition.

    Good luck!

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    An internet connection can become slow or stop working due to a number of reasons depending on the type of the connection. Many of the problems can be solved by making software changes or small hardware corrections. Detailed instructions at http://tinyurl.com/yl62gz

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    Get a free program that will PING your host.

    It will tell you if the connection between you and your host is substandard.

    The usual problem for bad connections is between your residence and the main phone line. If there is any interefence, the download will stop.

    I've found that a useful tool in these circcumstances is to have a download accelerator; another free tool.

    You can get both the PING program and download accelerator

    at http://www.download.com


    The PING PLOTTER will just verify my suspicion so it's not that useful if you prefer not to get it.

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    Yep, there are many viruses that can do that. Keep a good anti-virus and periodically scan your computer every 1-2 weeks.

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    i would get your anti-virus up todate and do a full scan

    can try this online scan


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    go to http://www.pcpitstop.com/

    this place will identify any virus...

    RUn the full test

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    yup i just cant remember the name

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