I want to get married in NYC. What are some inexpensive places to do so?

I live in Florida but my dream is to get marrid in NYC. I don't have a big budget though. My guest list would be 25 people only. Any suggestions?

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    You could do what I did: My husband and I went to the court house in Queens, on Queens Blvd., and got a marriage license for $15, and the next day, we went back and got married by a judge. After that, we went out to dinner. That was 13 years ago, and we're still going strong. Granted, it may not be your exact dream wedding, but it's super inexpensive, and you can go out to NYC afterwards, and splurge. Try and get Broadway tickets to a show about 30-40 days before you go to the city, see something great. Good luck, and congratulations!

  • PDH
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    Get married in Time Square on New Years day just as the ball drops @ midnight. It will be crowded, but you won't have to pay for the chapel and you will have your 25 guests allong with 100,000 added guests to help you celebrate.

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    Too undesirable you disregarded Kleinfeld's blow out sale. It exchange into interior the previous this month. My fiancee went to seem around yet ought to no longer guard the ridiculous crowd. She made an appointment there in spite of the reality that and is going to seem at some outfits.

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    NYC and inexpensive do not go together...i dont know much about new york but that's basically what i here

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  • 1 decade ago

    city hall

  • 1 decade ago

    At the courthouse.

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