What is the proper way (etiquette) to eat seafood?

Can anyone tell me how one is supposed to open shellfish like king prawns, mussels, etc.?

Do you know of a website, preferably with diagrams who can illustrate this?


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    i only found this....kind of related to what you are looking for...

    hope it's useful.

    i found this one on eating shellfish...


    & in this site in the FRANCE section lower on the page is something on mussels...

    the site in sources is another one....thats aperson's experience in dining out to eat seafood,.if i remember correctly.

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    usually all shellfish is served with utensils for cracking the shell, and little forks for removing the meat. Mussels and other bivalves are just opened using the fingers. When in doubt, such as at a formal occasion, it is always best to observe what others are doing

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    1 decade ago

    you are kidding . use a fork and knife , if lobster they supply the utensils and show you how to eat it.

  • lizie
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    1 decade ago

    sorry dude.

    i wish i knew.

    anyway, type cook book in google.

    they have lots of recipes there.

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  • 1 decade ago

    chew with mouth closed so they won't "see"food

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