How do I apply for a patent without spending a fortune on legal fees?

I've already done a patent search with the US Patent & Trademark Office on-line and don't see anything like my product. I'm afraid to jump in and produce and market my product only to find out there really is something out there already. I don't have the funds to hire an attorney, but I think I have something unique!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you already did the research and you are at least 95% sure that there is no other product like yours, then your best best is to do the first steps on your own. Make sure you read everything twice and understand the requirements and the process. If something already exists and your product is already registered you'd only invested the application fee, and the time doing your homework. When your application passes the initial requirements i suggest then that you do get a patents lawyer at the very least as a consultant. Secure the funds of your invention by creating a business plan and showing it to venture capitalists, angels, the bank,friends with money, that way you can pay for the lawyer fees and start your first production and invest in your marketing. I know this is very broad, but i hope it helps. Another thing, under no circumstance go to une of those patent mills that promise to help you, you are better off on your own. ;) Best wishes on your venture!!!

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