Just because the Democratic Party is flawed (as all parties are), does this mean they cannot?

turn the fortunes of our country around? If one of the parties can't do this, who can?

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    I just asked a question about bipartisnaship and party affiliation. ALL conservatives who answered are against working together, and ALL democrats who answered were for it. To answer your question YES it is going to be up to the democratic party to change the current division in america. And once again, they will drag the cons kicking and screaming into the present...


    articchick, Clinton didn't have a democratic congress, that's why everything didn't get fixed. Next, i DID hear many, including Hillary and Kerry complaining about tax breaks that THEY got, and didn't want because they weren't fair. And how about we give tax breaks to corporations who KEEP AMEIRCAN JOBS IN AMERICA, that way Wal mart doesn't take over and small businesses get a break, to help off set the wage increases?

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    yes it does mean they cant turn it around because it has been proven throughout history that a welfare state and socialism doesn't work. and this is the direction they want to go. the flaws of this country are perpetuated by said left wing socialist ideologies coupled with tearing of the basic fabrics that make this country what it is. They want to take the very freedoms we have and stretch them so far that it takes away the basic beliefs that make this country great. I do agree there have been liberiest taken by the right aswell but I see the left as being more of the problem. Can another come in and save it? Not unless they change campaign finance refore but both sides know this and will not do it. Take Denmark. The people got fed up with the extreme libralism and an extreme conservative party has been born and is with in a year taken over 30% of the govt and are moving back towards a true conservative base. It is possible but the parties now have alot of power that has to be weakened.

  • Jadis
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    No. If the Democratic Party was going to fix ANYTHING, why didn't they do it during the Clinton years? I'm really not so much pro-Bush as I have become anti-liberal. I know that's a horrible thing to say, and I *know* there are a lot of good liberals out there, but what did they blame all their problems on before Bush? I swear, it's almost to the point of - I stubbed my toe! Damn that Bush! Just amazing to me.

    Do you want socialized medicine? I would love to see everyone have health insurance, but I don't want the government involved in my health care, thanks all the same.

    I agree that the minimum wage needs to be addressed, but I have two issues with the proposed raise. First, it's STILL not going to be enough to live on and second, it's going to impact the small mom-and-pop business pretty hard. We need those little shops to prevent every American town from being exactly the same - Wal-Mart, K-Mart, etc.

    As to raising my taxes, I'm definitely against that! My husband and I both work full-time and I also have a part-time job while he runs a small business. We are certainly not rich, but we do pretty well and we work very hard for our money. I don't think the government needs anymore of my money!

    Besides, quite a few of the rich who may have benefited from the tax breaks are Democrats - I haven't heard any of them demanding their right to pay more taxes.

    The only way I see things REALLY changing is if the American people stand up and DEMAND change. Since so many people choose not to vote, I think politicians see that as an excuse not to perform the way they should. After all, so many people don't care - why should they?

    Heidi - Oh, never mind.

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    Any party that was not so full of corruption could turn things around quite easily. The bulk of the most divisive issues are manufactured.

    The Democrats and Republicans are both very very owned. There is zero chance that either will put an honest person into National public office. Last time it happened they had the guy killed (JFK).

    So I have no faith. Less faith in the Democrats actually. They seem to me more extreme and very anti-Constitutional. Not that the Republicans are not busy destroying our Constitutional rights almost as fast. In reality electing one or the other is just choosing the brand of your poison. Repressive acts like the CDA, Patriot Act, Clipper chip, No Knock warrants, the Ricco Laws, the massive wiretapping expansions passed first by Clinton then expanded on in Bush's Patriot act, gun bans and registrations, the murders at Ruby Ridge and other places by Federal law enforcement, and the list goes on and on.

    None of this could have happened if both parties were not working closely together as a team. All of these are GROSS violations of both the letter and spirit of the Constitution. They literally and quite obviously are anti-Constitutional but all were passed by both parties with little opposisition. The only reason the Clipper chip bill didn't get passed was the EFF found out about it before it was voted on and raised a huge fuss. Parts of the CDA and Patriot act were struck down as unconstitutional yet both Bush and Clinton have attempted to pass differently worded versions of the same things that were struck down as unconstitutional.

    If either party had the slightest reguard for Constitution they would have spoken up before these bills were passed and presented true opposisition. The closest thing any party has done to fighting a bill was the Democrats after voting FOR the Patriot act and allowing it to exist and even be used saw a groundswell against it and decided to mouth off but do nothing substantial to actually oppose it. All show, no real action. There is a reason for that.

    The best example is the economy. Outsourcing has killed the US economy. Even a 10 year old with the slightest economic sense knows that having a quarter of our economy being the housing market is a disaster waiting to happen. It's an unsustainable economy. Neither party fights outsourcing. Why? Because they are both bribed to look the other way. Both see poor Americans as easier to control. Taxes are literally killing the working poor and middle class. One more tax increase and many Americans literally go under. They are living hand to mouth and making it by rotating which bill they pay this month. Raise taxes on them and they are done. The Democrats openly favor tax increases while the Republicans openly oppose them. What happens? We get taxed and taxed again and more taxes. It's all show. There is no real belief in party planks. That is only to keep us voting against whichever party we feel is more evil.

    The second aspect is that both parties represent intolerable violations of Civil liberties and rights. By dividing up those abominations to the Constitution and each sponsoring half they know that no matter what you vote that your going to get it in the end. You can pick the brand of destruction but you can't change anything. The Democrats want to disarm us, put us on public transportation which makes it easy to watch us but does nothing benificial for the environment. They want to raise taxes. For example National Government sponsored health care. That would lower the boom on the American people. Tax rates of over %50 for the average Joe and over %70 for anybody who wasn't in a min wage job. Nobody could afford that but the ultra wealthy and dual high income families. Our choice in Health care would be gone. People in the UK and Canada come HERE sometimes to get quality health care in a reasonable time. I've talked to many Brits and most at times have had to pay cash for health care over there rather than wait for sometimes potentially fatal conditions to be treated in the National system after the consequences are already rather dire and potentially fatal. It's coming, the reason you know that is one party favors it. The other party will put up a nominal fight but as soon as they have manipulated the press and economy to where they think they can pull it off without starting a revolt they'll do just that.

    Freedom is not just a word to me. It means something. It is a concept worth fighting for. I see neither party supporting freedom, I see both parties actively trying to destroy our freedom in the US. I see nothing good coming of electing a member of either party.

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  • Jon J
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    1 decade ago

    I was always taught both parties can screw you if you don't watch closely, that's why I don't understand the blind following of the Neocons.

    Personally I thought the Country did very very well under Clinton, Do they have Democrats that are to extreme left, sure they do, just like the Republicans have the extreme far right in office now. But Clinton did take on the powerful FAR right and look what happened to him

  • ?
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    The Democrats are our only chance at the moment. Bush has already displayed an unwillingness to cooperate with the in-coming congress.

    I think that he wants to be king, but doesn't have the mental capacity to lead a shoe-lace.

  • mike s
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    1 decade ago

    "I belong to no organized party. I am a Democrat" Quote of Will Rogers

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