What is a good game controller for a computer?

My boyfriend is into this world of warcraft game I was wondering what computer controller would work best with this game?? and where can i get it?

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    Consider getting a Z-Board and the World of Warcraft keyset:


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    I use a controller called the aXisPAD, it's usb and looks much like a ps2 controller (2 analog joysticks, 1 directional pad, 4 face buttons, 4 shoulder triggers and a 'esc' and 'enter' buttons.) Of course in game you can program any button to do whatever you want, this is great because with this pad you end up with 10 buttons. Definetly look up 'usb game controllers' on ebay and check out whats out there.

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    Honestly Mandy the best controller for World of Warcraft is a keyboard and a mouse. Gamepads don't really work for games like WoW, you pretty much need a keyboard and mouse.

    How about buying your boyfriend a nice wireless keyboard + mouse set like this one?


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