Should I take Pre Ap Geometry and Pre Ap Algebra 2 next year or will it be too challenging?

Does anybody have prior knowledge of these two courses? Does anybody think both these courses in the same year will be too stressful?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Are you an excellent math student/ Are you taking any other AP courses or pre ap courses , such as English as well? You know your limits and your strengths, you need to make your best decision from that. Here is a thought, talk to you counselor, if both become too much are you able to switch into a regular math class with no problem? If so go for it.

  • kenagy
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    4 years ago

    Bio AP is surprising, both one may artwork on your occupation. If it were me i'd take Chem AP one twelve months then AP bio the subsequent twelve months. As for math, i'd take pre-calc, it truly is time-honored and calculus once you get to varsity will be less demanding because you had the prerequisite. sturdy success!!

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